Young Lord Daventree

Day 21: We made plans to enter young Lord Daventree's manor and rescue the dwarf. First, we sent Quintle off to scout. He returned, and said the only creature he saw, aside from possibly a pair of gargoyles over the main gate, was a ghostly butler. We assumed he was more than he appeared to be, but we had no choice but to proceed with the liberation of the dwarf. After a hearty breakfast at our inn, we set off.

Entering the estate was easier than planned, though the contamination of the area by the evil it was forced to endure was very evident. Leaving the center of the city and entering the district around Daventree's palatial estate led to a change in the very atmosphere around us; which only got worse as we entered the estate. Fortunately, no-one made any attempt to stop us as we passed the gargoyles and entered the orchard. Several of my companions, presumably intimidated by the situation and thoughts of the dangers in confronting a vampire in its lair, kept seeing monsters in every shadow. However, we remained true to our mission, and our faith was strong. we overcame our fears, and continued to advance.

Upon entering the house, we met the ghostly butler. He led us into a side room, and we proceeded to engage in several minutes of frustrating negotiations in which we asked politely to see the dwarf, and he refused to allow us to do so until Lord Daventree awoke - presumably at neight. This went on until Father Cain attempted to channel energy to smite the creature. It assaulted him through telekinesis, and smashed him against the wall. We rapidly discovered that only the holy power of the One would hurt this creature, an example of an Elder Spirit. As we fought, a large storm grew around the house, probably caused by the spirit. After a short period of combat, the roof fell in, and the contents of the second floor were deposited onto the first floor. Several of us were injured by this. Apparently, our druid needs to learn to control her rhino a little better, especially in tight spaces.

Shortly after that, we blew a hole in the roof, and let in the storm. We managed to extricate ourselves, along with the dwarf, from the room. We discovered, perhaps not surprisingly, that the master of the house had roused himself and come to investigate the disturbance. Surprisingly, he did not attack immediately. He talked to us for a while, though he again would not allow us to speak to the dwarf. Father Cain became convinced that he was under the sway of the spirit, and that he would aid our cause if we defeated the ghost. We focused our attacks on the spirit, and seemed to be making an impact. However, as soon as he got within range, Daventree attacked the Father and attempted to drain his soul. He was not able to do so completely, but had an obvious effect. This should remind the Father that, even if he had perhaps pushed things a little too far before, his heart was in the right place. Evil creatures cannot be trusted as negotiating partners. If you wish to treat with them, youmust ensure you have some form of power over them first.

Despite that, we were able to overwhelm Daventree, and the spirit then disappeared (though the storm did not). We searched the house, but found little of interest beyond a book describing the spirit and the dwarf. We left as quickly as possible, as the storm was beginning to attract spectators.

We left the city with all due haste. The destruction of one vampire is certainly a blow for the Light, but there are many more. Discretion must sometimes be the better part of valor.

Day 23: We rode off to the Circle of Statues, as our new acquaintance had much to tell us of the portals. He has a key that will allow us to travel to Jorgenfist. According to him, there is a tunnel that allows access to the rear of the fort without braving the approaches covered by the artillery. If so, this would certainly make attacking the giants' citadel much easier and safer. We shall have to do this as soon as possible.

These portals are extremely intriguing. When I reclaim my rightful place in the family business, they could be the basis for a new approach to shipping. If we could transport goods without the need for ships, we would be able to make a fortune, and to allow people from all pats of Nor to access the world market. This would revolutionize the business. I must consider this idea further. Perhaps I should ask Father Cain if the Order would be interested in using the portals? As far as I know, there is no evil associated with them, and Questioners would be able to hunt evildoers literally to the ends of the earth if required. While doing so, they would, by virtue of their presence, protect the portals from anyone who would damage them. On the other hand, involving them might attract unwanted attention. This is potentially the most exciting development in the merchant field since the invention of the ship.

<on the margin of the journal> I am not sure why or how quintal did not find me picking this journal as lenok was asleep, but i guess it was small blessings. WOW no mention of brave halflings anywhere… hmmm i will have to start looking at these more often. Uh oh quintal is getting suspicious or laughing I can never tell time to put this back.

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