Xio Tsi

The Mystical Land of Xio Tsi (zow-shee) is a mystery. While people from Zio Tsi has been been seen in other parts of the world, there are no credible accounts of anyone visiting the land, and returning with an account of it. There are stories of an explorer named Hal Hunt, who is said to have visited the land with his brother. Only one of them returned. Hal Hunt had supposedly written a journal about the visit, and left it with a close friend when he decided to return to Xio Tsi. The journal has never been found though, but many have claimed to have seen it, or a copy of it. There are stories of the naive buying the journal from a peasant who was a descendant of the explorer, only to find the book blank, or willed with nonsense.

For those who are from the land and travel to other places, they do not speak of their homeland.

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