Words Left Unsaid

May you find your way out of the darkness that is your life. Strength of arms is not all there is. There is a more potent strength that I have found day in and day out, the strength of friendship. Loyalty is not a commodity that can be bought and sold. What I lack others make up for and the Inverse is the same. Arthas is powerful with his gifts but still he can not set a wound. Tharen is stronger then any other person I have met, but even he can be overwhelmed. Together we are weak but united we stand strong. Victor all the gold and power in the world will never bring your parents back. Vengence will only taint thier memmory. They taught you of love and of life, and you forsake it to be strong. Strength is nothing by itself, without friends to make up for your weakness you are still weak. Without company lonliness eats away at you. With out loyalty, you must always watch your back. With out light all you see is darkness. Remember that.

~~Corvin Oakridge~~ Journal Entry

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