Wonders Of Bythius

Through the tides and tears of time, visions come to me of greater times. some long gone and yet to be. A travelers truth not all will see. Destination great and far. Keeps and kingdoms of dust and sand. Written of by Blind man's hand.

Through the black and lawless land far beyond the sight of Arantharian Men. Through the sands of many hue, through to time Immortal. Stands the home of living gods. Four great sides with roof of point. 10,000 men made in 40 times as many days and nights. Set to stand 440 cubits by the base and reaching 280 cubits high. Grand structure of grand plans. Alighned corners north and south east and west the truest compass holds no jest.

Long before waste and plague, a Dark lands king without a name. Raised and rised a gift most prized, by his swiftly dying bride. Hanging over castle walls stood a garden of unrelenting love. Green rose above those below, Blocking sight of thier lords love. Stench of sinner kept below for his queens happiness. Even though she bore no son, her womb as fertile as her garden. Upon her death the garden died locked away for all time.

Walls long fallen a great city in ruin. Whispering winds surrond the gate, that gave this land its fate. The sirrush and Aurochs could not keep destruction at bay. 120 great lions all fell upon that day. Walked gods will no longer honor the processional way, this places year will no turn stuck in time.

Far away from dessert sands and into the groves of the forgotten ones. Stand the stones, Long since known by the greatest Sidhe. Natural grace and might held grand rituals thru the mid summers night. These grand rights brought many here from places both far and near.

In the lands of filith and shame where no one shares thy name, Blood flowed like a river upon sand for glory must high. The greatest of the games saw thier end upon these fields. alas but now decrepit walls leach honor from one and all. men who act like not much more then beast. The kings and queens no longer grace there presence. It's majesty loss. another den of vice and death it's glory almost gone.

Far south beyond the sea. a wall born out of need. with help from spirit and stone. honorbound the defenders keeping darkness at bay. For nothing more of love for kin men march to the death spirits to strengthen these walls.

In lands of ruin a tower rest made silk stone for the best long departed from this world. a grand man before whom none dared stand. but darkness came and ripped through town a subtle sting brought it all down. what once was is now lost beyond the wall of life and death none have seen her in scores of scores not even myth remains

Hidden temple mountains home long forgotten and not well known, holding key to once what was known great mountains is its home deep inside cresent valley floor lies the entrance in disguised facade where it leads no man knows for man has not set foot before into the place of the risen

Temple built long ago on slave brow was one and all, made in image not of man the cat's meow had the hand long past gone ancient rulers such returned not to dust but to homes mortals not meant to know

Temple blood long sinced used head and heart all were used to satisfy false gods lands of smoke and fire near deep jungles hidden without fear discovery none may see until the society brings its minds to bear the secret tunnels are still there

Last but never least in the deep long forgotten ancient city of crystal power standing in it's murky mist. home of men then kings then gods immortal creators beyond time crystal knowledge all that is left behind. Memmories long forgot hints of truths not yet wrought, Origin and damnation rest upon souls that enter.

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