Wizards Of Qy

Once the feared rulers of the Black Land the wizards of Qy are a powerful of Diabolist sorcerers. These dark power wielding magic users were once feared and respected throughout the Black Lands. They were given sacrifices and tribute so they would not turn their evil sorceries upon the few towns of the wasteland. The controls through fear and violence. When the priest of Tahkene cam though, they felt the Wizards threatened them and their intentions and hunted them down almost to extinction. They drove them back to their home tower of Qy, and laid siege for years. The wizard turned to eating their own to survive. Finally the Tower Broke and as far as anyone knew the wizards were eradicated.

In truth some survived and went into hiding. After many long years they turned to Qy to rebuild and slowly bring back their former glory. The might of the church is as strong today as even though, so they tread carefully, seeking powerful magic in the dark recesses of the Black Lands hoping to find the power to restore their brotherhood fully.

Today the cabal is limited to a small group which live in the ancient fog shrouded tower of Qy. Below the tower a small town is completely rule by the wizards and supplies them of what they need to survive. In most other place they are thought of as a pathetic remnant of what was once a powerful force. They are despised and reviled wherever they go, but they still command a bit of fear which usually keeps them safe. They are careful not to draw the notice of the Tahkene priesthood until they feel they are ready to overcome them.

They dress in Dark green robes and shave their heads bald. The file their teeth to points, and feast upon the flesh of humans and demi-humans. They are known for their demonic power and the summoning of creatures from the abyss.

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