Why I Do The Things I Do

I'm just trying to make things right as far as I can. Sometimes it's not the best of choices but the road to hell is paved in good intentions. I miss my family; I just can't show it. Losing them still haunts me every night. Almost as if I was there while it was happening. I swear to the gods sometimes I can feel the heat of the flame as it scorches the skin. It's not real but that is not what matters. Everyone has his or her issues; I'm just not confronting mine yet.

I mean Tharen lost his family and mentor and now he has that accursed gauntlet attached to his hand. We need to get to the valley and see Saint Alexander as soon as possible. Even if it means not stopping the cultist.

We need to find out more about what's in Arthas; Symbiosis is not usually a good thing. The Flea and the Cat, Ringworm’s under the skin. I'm worried about that. Who knows what that thing is really doing to him on the inside?

Rydel is gone but he fell into his anger, he allowed it to consume him. Am I doing the same thing? I don't want to. I need to watch myself more. Stay focused on the black and white of what is right. Falling into the shades of gray I know all becomes lost.

Victor, Why are you hunting us. You blame Sul for being weak but I know she took your parents and has them in the beyond loving and caring for them like we will never know. Hate and revenge are what took your parents from you and now that is what you serve, there are times when it would be so easy to just give into that. But I can't For Tharen, Arthas, Rydel, Heather, Jasmine, Lily, Robin, Azelle, The Locksmith and his family, For Thomas and Tharen's Parents for Arthas' Family for you, for myself, and for Holly.

I can't confront my Inner Demons, But I will rush after Bandits and Goblins with out fear, what is wrong with me?
Cultist trying to revive dead saints no fears my memories of family haunt me every night. I wish there were a way I could accept it, deal with it, and own it instead of allowing it to own me…

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