Why Didnt The Good Gods Step In

This question has been asked many times over the last few years. "Why have the good Gods abandoned us?" Many can debate this, but it possible that it was we that abandoned them. Over the year the worship of Gods such and Kerius and Sul has waned. While the worshippers of the Evil Gods have stayed strong (Mostly through fear), worship of the good god has become more casual. Their rites and rituals are not followed as strictly, their holidays are not observed. Even their names are invoked less and less. Some say this is because the freedom the God of good offer their worshipers. When a sailor forgets to offers Tempest her due there is a good chance a storm will befall that voyage, so it is rare that ceremony is not honored. On the other hand, a forgotten prayer to Sul during Harvest fest often does not end in a blight. It can be said us mortal have taken advantage of the kindness of the Good Gods and that now we are suffering the consequences.

One example of this can be seen in adventuring. In the days of legends, all adventuring parties had a cleric, not only to heal them but to guide them on their Moral journey. Some of the greatest clerics were adventurers. Today, an adventuring party usually makes due without a cleric, or they worship a god such as Twilmeril, who allows them the freedom to worship her casually. While many still hold the God of good in their heart, the powerful champions of these god are almost unheard of today. On the other side though, Champions of Evil Gods are still numerous.

When Tahkene took Aranthar as her own, many believe there just wasn’t enough faith in the Good Gods for them to rise to stop her.

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