The trouble was that the man Candor asked them to meet, wanted nothing to do with them. At least in public. After creating a scene he left the inn with them, threatening to cause bodily harm, and once outside, explained that he was a hirer. He put adventurers together with those that wished to hire them. The group, growing short of fund, took him on on his offer and told him they would meet him the next day to see what prospect he had. They then entered the tavern only to find Rydell had attempted to pick the pocket of a merchant, and was caught. The group had no choice but to watch him dragged out in chains to the dungeon. They inquired about his charge and found the punishment for theft was death. He would die the next day. The group could pay for his release however with a bounty of 500 gold. They did not have this but were able to pay for a stay of execution for 100g. Three days.
They met with Candor's contact the next day who had something that could pay them 500 gold. A priest of Bennetar needed help retrieving a stolen item. The task paid 500 gold, and they took it no question asked. They met up with the priest, who wore a black ebony mask. Apparently he was on the hunt for a thief, who had stolen something from the temple of Bennetar and took it north. They followed his trail, and the priest revealed himself as Victor, a close friend from Dansic who had been forced to leave the city after his father was found smuggling books. He once worshiped Sul, but had turned to the god of vengence after his mother was slain by witchhunters, looking for him. The reunion was strained at best as Victor's outlook had changed. He felt no remorse for the tragedy at Dansic and had only room left for hate.

They tracked the thief to an old temple of Kerius, and found that the item he had stolen was a holy symbol of the God of Justice. He was attempting to resantify the temple which had been defiled and looted. He had died in the task just as they found him, and suddenly the spirits of Sul's faithful attacked them. They managed to escape and bring the holy symbol out, but each felt differently about what had happened. Victor was estatic he was able to unsactify the temple once more. Corvin was concerend Victor was not the friend they once had. Rydell was intrigued by the way victor talked of vengence on those who wronged him. Tharen seemed confused. They returned to free Rydell, paid his bounty and found him gone. A vision told Corvin that he was hiding in a secret room in the back of a tavern. They made it there and found that there was an underground movement against the rule of Tahkene. They were also looking for a way to defeat Andovan and Alexis. The party wanted to help and were given a task, to find a courier that was bringing an important letter to Andovan. They searched him out and he fought to the death. He was carrying two letters. One from a elf named Luquitious. It explained that there was something in the Acis mines Andovan was looking for, and it had the power to stop Alexis' magic. The other was even stranger and talked about some strange project that someone named Grek was watching over. They brought the information to the group and formed a plan to interfere with Andovan.

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