Week 5 - The Aardvark

Still being hunted by goblins and worgs, the group found an old crumbling tower with a draw bridge that still worked. They entered the tower and drew up the bridge sealing them off from the goblins outside. They found that they were not alone however. Thier host was a human mage named the aardvark and his sheep familiar, Molly. He spoke with the group long enough for them to discover he was quite an old kook. He was once a great mage, but then the elves had chained magic and he lost his. During his conversation he enspelled the group (Save Rydell) and put them all to sleep. Rydell was knocked unconscious by Molly. When they awoke they found that they were ebing offered as sacrifices to a small fat demon who called himself Bartholomew. The demon promised to give the Aardvard his magic back, if he sacrificed a pure soul to him. After checking the group and finding Dell to be a pure soul, he made ready to make the sacrifice. Somehow Arthas broke free and manageto drive the Aardvark away. He freed his friend and they went in search for the mage. They were attacked by animated weapons, illsuions, and trap but they presevered. They found the mages lab, released a screaming flaming skull, and activated a giant ant. While battleing the ant, Corvin decided that he ws better off hanging around the next room where he spied the mage. He lauched himself into the room with the mage to to battle, but arthas got to him first and slew him with his own furniture. A ratted couch to be exact. The rest of the group slayed the ant, and took some time to rest. Bartholomew somehow escaped, and found Molly. Having a nice mean of roasted mutton, he left, not to be seen again. The group found the goblin had all been slain, and soon found the slayers. After they left the tower they were confronted by a group of elves, who escorted them out of Ebb, and warned them not to return. The group made its way to Calista, to the Dancing Lady Tavern, to meet the contact that Candor told them could help them out. One mention of Candor, and soon, there was more trouble on its way.

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