Reaching the ferry and speaking with the ferry man, the group found that a man is lookign for them and has crossed over just hours before. After a ducussion on the wisdom of crossing, the were met again by Candor. He advised them not to cross but to instead bolster thier appearance as adventurers rather than farmers and take a job for him. A friend son has gone in search of his missing brother, who is thought to have been taken by the Goblins of Lonwyn as a sacrifice. Candor, having someplace to be, asked the group to help her. They agreed and left to find the Dell. A young man. They followed his train to train to the old part of the city. Following his footsteps, they decended an old well, only to find a network of caves below the city. They came across some strange creature that escaped them through mystical hole in the air. Then following the cave the found Dell, but learned that he was not in search of a brother. In fact he was sent down here by Candor, in search of some adventure. The group tried to figure out why Candor would do this when they were ambushed by a group of red skinned goblins. With the help of Dell they fought them off and followed the tunnels out to the river Pherile. At the entrance they found an ingenious trap, involving an expoding barrel of wine. They exited the tunnels only to find Andovan waiting for them and Candor getting paid for having betrayed them. It all came clear as the group tried to turn back to find more goblins. A lot more. Rydell triggered the trap launching the barrel into andovan and his goblins and killing many of them and leaving andovan hurt and burned. He chased them with what was left of his goblins to the ferry, but they managed to get to the other side and sabotage the ferry. They escaped into the woods of ebb to make thier way to Calista.

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