Waiting in ole one eye's basement, waiting for him to blast them into oblivion, each of the four friends had a last thought. What is was, we don't know though, as the blow never came. "You have put yourselves in danger, and me also."

"We need to know what is going on." one said.
"Alright, upstairs I will tell you what I can" said the giant, his single eye blinking. The four followed him up and found places to sit. "I do not know much except that the man in the mask is called Andovan, and he is a warrior who serve the high priestess."
"Then we can not go North, if Tahkene is looking for us. I say we go to Acis." Corvin spoke his mind.
"Perhaps Acis will be a safe place for you," replied Ole one Eye, "But ask yourself this. Is Tahkene was searching gor you, why was andovan recruiting goblins? Why not bring the Priestesses soldiers to get you." They though that over a bit and corvin replied.
"He must be working on his own. We may have a chance."
"We need to find him and cut out his heart!" Rydell chimed in. "We should go to Calista. There we can blend in and find out more about the bastard and cut out his heart."
Corvin seemed dismayed at his brother reaction. Ole one eye replied, "A lone deer on the plane makes an easy target for a lion. One among a herd is les tempting."
"That makes sense." corvin replied and Rydell said at the same time, "I like this guy."
"Not so scary now eh, Rydell?" and the giant smiled. Corvin continued.
"So we head north through lonwyn forest, to veer ferry. We cross over and then cross through Ebb?" At that all four shuddered. None had ever been to forest of Ebb, but it was said to be huge. "Well, we will tackle that after we cross the Pherile. Thank you .. ole one eye?"
"My name is Falcor." replied the cyclops.
"Thank you Falcor. We will leave you be so that no one causes you trouble." then Corvin and the other left the subject of many horror stories told by the people on Dansic. He, happily waving them goodbye.

The group left Cadwyn, and entered Astall under the noon sun, since this was the best time they would not be noticed by the nocturnal Goblins. They picked up some food, and supplies, using the money Thomas had given them. They stayed in the inn for a night, then left the ext day, and entered Lonwyn forest. Not Cadwyn had its share of stories, but they paled in comparison to Lonwyn. not to long after entering, staying on a logging path, the group noticed two creatures on the road ahead, they were carrying a sack, and its contents was still moving. They looked alot like Andovans minions but thier skin was a different color, and they wore different clothing. Rydell did not see the difference, and shot an arrow after one of them. His hatred of these creatures grew stronger everyday. Corvin also followed suit and soon the two were dead. When they got to the sack they opened it to find a mud covered small humanoid. Corvin thought about the tales of Lonwyn, and the mudders, the flesheating savages that were rumored to live there. Cautiosly he freed it and was surprised to find that the creature was more human than monster, small thought with no shoes and thick hair on its feet. He was covered in mus because he was hunting and he used it for camoflage. He said his name was Foscar Essengrim and his people were called the Hin. The creature that were taking him are goblins, specfically Tree Goblins, as they lived in the forest above ground. They were taking him to be a sacrifice to the Great Tree. They have been kidnapping hin for almost a year now. The hin aren't fighter and live in secrecy. They really have no way to stop the goblin except to stay away from them. He did inviote the group back to his village where he could replay them. It was out of the way but they agrred.

The village of Hamtle, was a homy place, with small home that looked like hills. They were two small for the group to enter, but they sat outside and met a few him, including foscir's wife, a woodworker. They had a great meal, and were getting ready to leave, when a small hunting group came back in hurt. It seemed the met goblins as well and one of hunter had been carried away. The group offered thier help, and they followed the trail to the goblin kidnappers. There were six in all and they put up a good fight, but the four had gotten good at killing goblins. They freed thier Hin captive and returned to the town. They were rewarded with suplies, some rare herbs, and a carved walking stick. After a nights rest they headed of for Veer Ferry. The rest of the trip went normal and when they reached the ferry, they entered a real town for the forst time. Trying to remain inconspicuous, they made thier way to the tavern, and got some food and rented rooms. There they MEt Candor and a group of adventurers. He caught Tharen staring at his sword. "A real Kahill? You ever seen one boy?" Tharen said no but knew right away the sword was special. It was well crafted, a little ornate, but not enough to interfere with its usefullness. "Kahil, one of the best sworsith to ever make a sword. He was a student of Feng, the greatest swordsmith to have ever lived. It rarely need shapening, is strong and shaper then most ordinary blades." He went on a bit and soon had the group in a conversation. All except Rydell who saw that Candor had two friend who were singing song. They were obviously in live and the man was a professional minstral or some type of performer. Rydell asked them to sing a song, that he heard sung many times before by the only person in dansic that had a decent voice. Jynnie.

Back at the table corvin and the group finished thier meal and went up to thier rooms, wishing Candor and his group a good night. Candor was an adventurer. He made his living moving from place to place, and hunting out old treasure, or doing deeds for locals. Whatever would pay. A strange life Corvin thought. To be free like that, without a farm or craft. To get by on wits and cunning and sometimes a sword, or handaxe. He had much to think about as he went to bed, knowing the others looked to him to decide what they would do.

The next morning, they left the tavern for the Ferry. It was looking to be a good day, until…

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