The four friends left the village on an errand for the Wisdom, Azelle. On the way back they encountered some strange figure in the forest. Thier skin was dark red, and mottled. Thier limbs were spiny and they stood only 3 and a half feet tall. Their faces were monterous and thier mouths filed with yellow jagged teeth. Corvin and Taren said they looked liked what goblins are described as, but in the stories thier skin is always green. They however were as mean as thoes storybook creatures, and they tried to kill the four friends. Fortunatly, they were abe to defend themselves, and ran back to the village. they were in time to witness a nightmare. Coming from azalles were three more of the creatures, and they fought the friends. They were overcome and the friend entered the hut to find Azelle after she had been force fed posion. Azelle had enough time time to say how the creature were looking for the four, and they were more. They left to see that the smithy had been set on fire. On the way there they saw Ginny had been brough out to the street and tortured. Colbert, inside had been forced to watch before being killed. The smithy was ablaze, and Uncle Nathan was dead. As well as Aunt Beru. They hurridly made thier way to the oakridge farm and Tharens to find not only were they burning but there was a soldier at one, and he was giving orderd to the goblins-like creatures. Getting ready to charge to what would probably be thier deaths, they were stopped by Thomas, and led to his house. He was cryptic and seemed to know somehting of what was going on. he said things like "I didn't know they would be here this soon" and "I have done things I am not proud of". It seems like he had been waiting for this day, and had some things for the four prepared. He rushed them out to the woods, only to be confronted by the soldier that was ah the farmhouse. He was a tall amn, with a thin sword and Red Cloak. His face was covered by a half Silver Mask. He spoke to Thomas. "Captain, I thought to find an ally here and have found only an advasary. You are a traitor, and you life is mine." Thomas was not cowed. "You are nothing but a lackey, though one who thinks he is self-important. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into into." The masked man retaliated, "You have no idea what it is to defy Queen Goddess." He then drew his sword and Thomas turned to the four. "Go I will meet you astall, and worry not, I have only lost one battle" He winked, and drew his own sword in time to meet his advasary. The four fled nioto the woods, chased by the goblin-like creatures. Soon the creatures were joined by wolves, huge wolves tat could speak thier evil intelligent thoughts. They were nearly overcome when they were saved by a one-eyed giant. Ole One Eye himself. Using a staff that crackled with blue energy, he fought off the wolves anf smaller creatures allowing the friend a chance to run, but was he helping them, or merley saving them for his own evil.

The four finally made it to astall but did not stay. They saw approaching the village the masked man, carrying a stake with what appeared to be the head of Thomas. The knew they could not stay there and double backed and entered Cadwyn again, to find the hut of Ole one eye. There they found it and snuck into his cellar just in time to meet him face to face. "You should have never come back" he said as his staff glowed and crakled with a deadly energy.

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