On the morning of Rhea 26th, Tharen woke up early and left the house before his parents woke up. It was a rest day, but he did not want his father to see him and bully him into doing some chore or other. That was the way of his father. Tharen was more useful as a worker than a son, and in his eyes, that worker should have no rest. The same time, Corvin awaoke from the barn loft where he sepnt most of his time, and walked out to the road. He was expected at azelles this morning and knew it would be a busy day. Spring was nearly here and the polen was thick, meaning lots of runny noses. He did not know that he had a shadow that morning not caused by the sun. The small dark figure followed him noislessly to the road, then looking down to make sure no one approached followed behind Corvin, staying close to the shadows.

In town Arthas has awoken and was thinking about what he could do for the day, when his Uncle Nathan called down to him. "Arthas, hold up". The young man dutifully stopped to wait for his uncle. He owed the man quite a bit, for it was his uncle who took him in when his own paretns died in a fire. Arthas lost everyhting he had that day, his parent, his house, all he owned save the night shirt that he wore. Even his shoes had burned. If his uncle hadn't taken him in, only the gods know what wold have happened to him. He knew it cost his uncle most of what he had saved to do it too. Arthas parent, like all in Condor had taxes to pay, and by right, Arthas belogned to the church of Takhene where he should work off what they owed. His uncle however paid off the tax, and got him new shoes and clothes. It was a dear cost for the likes of him but he had learned to work his uncles forge to repay him. He was not a journeyman blacksmith, though one with no need to leave. They made a sufficient living and Arthas was content for now. His uncle Nathan had finally come down with a sad grin. "Art, I know it is a rest day, but I promised Pergot a new saw. He has gotten himself behind again and if he dosent get that peice he is working on finished, he won't be able to afford to pay sal for the wood he has gotten on loan. He needs the saw by today. Just give me a hand in the morning and you can spend the afternoon with your friends. I will make it uo to you." Arthas nods and grabs the bellows, knowing this could turn to be a long project. Saws were tough to make well and Nathan made everything well.

Tharen walks down the hill, and sees Corvin ahead. He also sees corvin's follower and a grim look of determination passes over Tharen's face. Now Tharen is no small man. This young man is more a giant than a human. Six feet and four inches from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head, and a well muscled frame, makes him a force to recon with. He has also been trained to fight by a real professional soldier, and though he has no weapon, he knows well how to use his fists. He has also seen his advasary before, and knows that Covin's follower carries a knife on him always. He also knows that the smaller figure can be dangerous himself, especially if he gets time to plan ahead. Now wanting to give him that oppurtunity, tharen charges ahead, right for the smaller man. Corvin hearing Tharen turns just in time to see the big man wrap his arms around Corvin's silent stalker. The smaller figure however closes his arms tightly, and slips from Tharen's grasp. He drops to the ground and stands right back up again in a crouch. Corvin yells out "Stop fighting you two! Rydell, what are you doing?" Rydell with a sheepish grin simply say "Just walking."
"Do ma and da know you are out?" Corvin asks his younger brother.
"Yea, maybe. Its a rest day", he answers and take a half hearted swipe at Tharen. Corvin sighs as the two engage in a mock melee saying only "Tharen, don't hurt him." Though at the moment it looks more like Rydell might be the one doing the hurting. Soon the three friend return to the road for a day in town.

Dansic it a small town, filled with local folk who care little for the outside world. It is deep in the hearth of Condor, a country ruled with the iron hand of the High priestess Aikatherine, Blessed of Takhene, Mistress of Trials, Holiest mother of Darkness, Lord Magnant of Condor and many other titles. The holy tenets of Takhene are followed above all else. The strong shall rule and hold dominion over the weak. Fortunatley for Dasic it is so far removed from the the capitol of Condor, that they rarely see a queens guardman. In fact the only time the High preistess seems to remember that Dansic is a part of Condor is during tax time. Because of this the people of the town are left to fend for themselves. The town does have a prefect, but he is a local man, and does little in the way of governing. So it is with joyful thought that the threefriend make thier way into town today and stop at the first building they see. Nathan's smithy. Tharen jumps over the small wall blicking the forge from the street and grabs the bellows from arthus. Nathan just looks up and then continues to work. So had been the way with the two for some time now. Tharen would often rathe spend time here with his friend than at home, and Nathan didn't mind showing him a thing or two. One it kept him out of trouble, and that meant keeping Arthus out of trouble. Nathan also knew it bother Tharens father and that was reason enough to let the boy stay here. Nathan hated villias more than anyone else he knew. The rift that grew between them stared the first time they had laid eyes on eachother. No one knew for sure where the mutual dislike came from, but all knew that Nathan had a soft spot for Tharen, and Villias never has anyhitng good to say about the blacksmith.

The rest of the friends stood by the low wooden wall talking for a moment, and then they each went thier seperate ways promising to return by noon. Tharen stayed and helped Nathan and Arthas with the saw. The sooner it got done, the sooner Atrhas could leave and do something interesting with the others. When Arthas' aunt came out with breakfest it including some for tharen also. For a man his size, he was often underfed at home and Nathan knew that. While not well of Nathan could certainly afford the extra food, and Tharen more than paid for it with the help he gives to arthas often.

Corvin headed for Azelles, the local Wisdom. He had been an unofficial apprentise to her since her last one dissapeared more than three years ago. His parent didn't mind as the skill he was learning were useful, and he always made sure he finished his farm work first. It had kept him out of trouble during thoes adolescent years where most boys get in trouble, and now he had become an acomplished apprentise, with more than a little skill at healing. While he did get a few looks for the local since healing was most work suited to woman, he took it and stride, and most people of the village knew better. Even thoes his own age did not give him trouble, especially since a year ago, the fight with one of pergot's boys left the the carpenters son with a broken arm and cracked head, which Corvin tended to after the fight. As soon as Corvin entered Azelle gave him a look of relief. He could see why. It wasn't an hour after dawn and her shack was already full with thoes needing help.

While his brother went to heal the sick, Rydell was on his way to have a little fun. He sauntered up the lain to where Colbert Lucanstan lived. Cobert Lucastan did something most people don't. He left dansic to seek his fortune. He was only 16 and was know just as Colbert then. He went looking for adventure and to earn his way as a sell sword, or some other type of adventurer. He tunred out becomming something he thought he would be. A crafter. During Colbert's travels he had the fortune or misfortune to fall off his first horse and break his leg. He was taken in by a young girl whoes father happened to be a locksmith. He ended up spending the rest of the season with them and was married in a year. He took her last name and came back Dansic. Locksmiths were not that common and merchants traveled through once a year. Just enough to make Colbert Lucanstan one of the whealthiest men in the village. Rydell, usign his almost inhuman skill at sneaking around made it to the front door unseen. Removing several small wires from his pocket, hi worked them into the door. Whithin momnet the door opened, and he stode into the common room, taking time to look at the expensive crystal figures that sat on the fireplace mantle. The door opened wider and standing behind it was the man of the house himself. In his hand he held a large metal rod in his hand. Rydell look up with a grin. "That one was easier than the last." he said at he walked into the workshop. Colbert followed him. "That had the new tumbler design." Colbert said
"As soon as you move one thought it is out of the way. Maybe more oil?"
"Perhaps a tiny spring…" They continued to talk as they heard Ginny call that is was time for dinner. When Colbert, walked into the dining room, with Rydell in tow, Ginny, Colbert's 17 year old daughter, did not look surprised. "You always manage to make it in time for dinner." she said. He looked at with with pure admiriation, and all the confidence born into a 15 year old. "I only know that I am drawn here to such beauty". He sits down at the table and she grins back.

Four and a half hours later they all meet at Nathan's Forge. The work is finished and Nathan has gon back inside while Arthas cleans up. Corvin sits on the low wall leaning against a post which holds up the roof. Suddenly a dagger flashes and stick into the post. "What if you missed?" says Tharen and he pulls the knife out of the post. "Give that back!" Rydell answers and reaches for it. Tha smile and tosses the knife to Arthas who catches it neatly and holds it away from Rydell. Covin say "Please let not fight." But his eyes show some amusement, knowing what comming. Soon a small melee erupts as Rydell tries to snatch the knife and Tharen tries to grab him. In the struggle, Arthas loses the knife. He moves his hand down, and the knife moves of its own accord across the floor. Suddenly the four friends stop what they are doing, each reminded intensley of why they are such good friends, and so alone in the village. "Why did you do that?" asked Corvin? "What if somone saw?" said Tharen. "I looked before I did it." replied Arthas. Rydells answer while not as sober still revealed more than the others. "No fair using powers".

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