Warehouse District

The Docks may serve as the primary point of entry into Freeport, but that district is only one important component of the city’s trading economy. The Warehouse District plays an equally vital role in the commerce (and piracy) that keeps money pumping through Freeport. All that cargo and booty has to go somewhere before it’s shipped out again or sold in town. That somewhere is the Warehouse District, which covers the western shore of Freeport.

There are a few private docking facilities in the district (still controlled by the Harbormaster, of course), along with some offices, taverns, and other facilities, but unsurprisingly warehouses and storage facilities dominate this area. Most structures in the district are large storage houses, used to contain the huge amounts of cargo and purloined materials that enter the port. The standard warehouse is older and constructed of sturdy timbers. The threat of fire is very real in this district—dozens of warehouses have been destroyed by fire over the last twenty years, and the city’s firefighters worked overtime trying to protect the warehouses during the Great Green Fire. When new warehouses are built (or old ones rebuilt), they must be made from stone, thanks to a mandate from the Captains’ Council, in order to reduce the risks from fire.

The Warehouse District has few permanent residents—the exceptions usually live in the rooming houses or inns scattered around the area—but the streets are hardly empty. During the daytime, carts and porters from the Docks scurry back and forth, retrieving and stowing cargo for their employers. It isn’t easy to oversee this tangled mass of people, and more than one cargo load ends up making an unscheduled detour, during which it is lightened a bit by Freeport’s criminal elements. At night the District is much quieter, but there’s still some activity, much of it illegal.

Warehouse District Locations:
1) The Vault
2) The Block and Tackle
3) Municipal Auction House
4) Office of Public Records
5) Freland Shipyard
6) Freeport Pilots Guild
7) Crockers Brick and Mortar
8) Freeport Orphanage

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