Vigilant Blades

Organization Type Kinghtly Order
Size Small 30-50 members
Base of Operations Dustorn Keep in Eroth
Membership Restrictions Melee Characters, Worship of Kerius
Secret Group No
Symbol Eye engraved on a sword.
Vigilant Blades are a Knightly order of Warriors, mostly Paladins and Rangers, though some fighters have also joined ranks. They are dedicated to the destruction of evil and the protection or innocents that live far from city centers. They specialize in hunting out threats like monster lairs and other dangers in areas that may pose a threat to travelers or small villages. They often hunt alone out in the wild, though will team up for larger threats. Their order is sanctioned by the Church of Kerius, and was granted their Charter in 535 by Archbishop Ernest Duran. It was confirmed by The Erothian Council in 537. The Order was given Dustorn Hold, and the lands surrounding it. The leader of the order holds the title of Lord of Dustorn Hold, though it is often not used anywhere but at Court.
The Order is known not only for its deeds in keeping the countryside safe, but also for taking in victims of attacks and giving them a place to get back on their feet. Many members are children left orphaned due to creature attacks. The order’s Mission is one of protection first.
While the order is a militaristic order, there are few officer positions. The leader of the order is Ranked Commander. The Commander sees to the administration of the order and its lands. His Second in Command is ranked Captain. It is the Captains responsibility to see to the readyness of the knights, and to direct any large military actions. Under the commander is the Master of Arms. This position is responsible for overseeing the training of the men in the order. He is assisted by several armmasters. They are responsible for the direct training of the recruits.
The keeps daily operation is run by the seneschal who is responsible for managing the servants, the goods and supplies and the day to day activities of any non-enlisted.
New soldiers are brought to the hold to train and learn. Once they are trained, they are evaluated by the Maser of Arms and knighted by the Captain. From there they are given assignments. Usually they are given a area to guard, and keep free of danger. They often work alone, requesting aid from the hold when the threat is too great for one man. They are tasked to work with local residents, and to avoid getting involved in political affairs. It is also not uncommon for a member to take on a personal squire. In this case the knight is responsible for the training of the squire, and should bring him to the hold for regular evaluation. Each squire is taught not only weapons, but also general education and the Path of vigilance, Kerius’s Holy Text.
The Code of the Vigilant Blades.
I shall be vigilant against that which would bring harm to those who have done nothing.
I shall protect those who cannot protect themselves.
I shall keep myself free of influence and make no vow that would interfere with my duty.
I shall take no wife, for my path is dangerous and I must be willing to place all aside for my cause.
I shall be guided by the Path of Vigilance and shall keep Kerius in my heart and prayers.

Prestige Awards:

Act Award
Slay an Evil monster single handedly that has a cr = or higher than your level 2+Dif in level
Slay a Monster/monster that have been plaguing a nearby settlement 1
Clean out a monster’s Lair 2+dif in EL
Save someone under the attack from a monster 4
Become a Knight 1
Become a Blademaster 5
Refuse a settlement’s reward for killing a creature 1
Gather a group to slay a creature that has been troubling innocents 2
Defend a settlement against an attack 2
Take a Squire 1
Knight a Squire 2
Earn an officer’s rank 4
Restore a community or structure that was destroyed by creatures. 6
Create/recover a Bane Weapon 2
Level 5+ 1
Level 10+ 2
Level 15+ 3
Level 20 4

Prestige Benefits

Prestige rank Benefit
1 Access to Dustorn Hold’s Library and resources
3 Room and Board (self only)
5 Can obtain up to 250 GP in gear for fighting monsters 1/month
5 Discount of weapon/armorsmith service from Hold 25%
5 Access to armsmasters for training/retraining
7 Gain a Vigilant Blade
7 May be healed at Dusthorn, up to 4th lvl Spells
7 Gain an organization Trait
10 Loan of a magic resource not more than 5000gp
14 Gain an Organization Trait
15 Room and Board (Entire Party)
15 Can enlist the aid of a member of equal HD for a mission 1/month
20 Loan of magic resource not more than 10,000gp
21 Gain an organization Trait
28 Gain an organization Trait

Organization Traits:

Vigilant Blade
+1 to attack and damage vs non-humanoid and non-good creatures

Vigilant Tracker
Survival is a class skill for you
+2 to checks to track.

Vigilant Defender
+1 AC when engaging a creature to prevent them from attacking a non-combatant.

Vigilance awareness
+1 to save vs Breath weapon and Gaze attacks.

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