Victor Simon

Victor Simon was raised a child of light battling with The Order of Illumination and fighting the same battles they fought. In time he became an ordained priest of the one god. After retiring from the front lines of battle with the order, victor found a small town with need to hear the one god’s teachings.

Over time he acclimated to be the town’s voice of morality and began driving out unwelcome and corrupting influences. Gambling and prostitution where some of his biggest concerns. He took a wife and had some children, and all was peaceful in the quite town. Then something began happening; Men would disappear into the night never to be seen again. The dead came back to life even after final rites.
As things become more and more connected to each other Victor sent word to the Order for some assistance. Well at the time things with the more weren’t going so good and the Order couldn’t afford to send aid at the time.

So Victor took things into his own hands and began systematically routing out the evils in his little town. Things would be peaceful for a spell and it would all start up again. Often times worst then before.
At this point Victor began to seek out the origin of this darkness the central point from which it began. He found the source a Vampire raising hell on the citizens of he’s once hometown. After a fierce battle things began to calm down and be peaceful like once again. But as it is said there is always a calm before the storm.

Evil began to sweep through the small town and the outlying farms. It started slowly at first a few dead cattle hear a bad harvest there, then it began to speed up. The first people to go missing were the Callaway twins. These young girls were the picture of a pretty lass, and tricksters to boot. But after the second day of not coming home their father began to worry and confided in the priest. Victor began praying to the one god to help him find the girls. His prayers were answered but he was too late. One of the girls had become infected with a terrible curse and had seen her sister devoured. Broken in mind and spirit she was laid to bed to try and recover. Then it happened, on the night of the full moon almost a month from when she was taken. She changed, her skin began splitting open her teeth grew and her nails became like claws. Her first victim was her mother; brutalized and mauled by this 4ft half wolf half girl. In the midst of her chewing upon her father victor had come upon her and ended her savage tragedy. With a silvered dagger the townsfolk gave him as a symbol of defending the village during their last bout with the darkness.

After all was said and done, Victor proceeded to the small cave where he had originally found the girl and battled against another were-beast, the one it made the child like itself. After a difficult battle Victor made his way back to town only to find the church in flames. After getting the fire out and his family safe he began to rebuild the temple thinking the evil had finally passed.

Months latter people began disappearing all over again, this time it was neither subtle nor slow to build the first night the Denvers were taken the whole family. Then the general store owner never came home after locking up for the night. Try as he might Victor couldn’t find the source of this new evil, for weeks more and more villagers began disappearing. Until it happened one night at Victor’s own home. As he was returning from confession after church one night, he felt it a cold darkness spreading through the town. He hurried home seeking his wife and children.

He was met with nothing but darkness and the smell of sulfur and brimstone. Searching about the yard one could scarcely see the tracks and crumbs of cornbread. He followed those trails deep into the woods. To a grove where no animal stirred and no plant would grow. He followed them deep into the heart of darkness it self. And when he arrived at center of the grove a fire as bright as day and reeking of hell lay before him. Upon an altar stone lay the bodies of his family and a dark being connected to an acolyte lapping up their blood. With words of Prayer Victor steeled him self and strode forward. Ready to do battle with this abomination of the night.
As it’s been told to me victor survived and was the winner, but the cost something that broke him inside. After that he left the town and we haven’t had much trouble since he’s been back a few times to check in on us. I asked where he had begin going what he had been doing and he told me about a demon over here or vampire he had slain over there. Killing all manner of creatures of the night. He said he was going to keep them away and kill as many as he could for they were a real danger that the order didn’t take in consideration in these times of war. And off he went again. That was three winters ago, last I heard he said he was going to Skull Island he heard of some nastiees out there.

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