The Vemoraxx, also known as the Dragon Priests is a religious order dedicated to the Great Dragons. They are worshipers of Tiamat, and their order acts as a liaison between the rulers of Aranthar and the Great Dragons. Every large city has a temple in which the order lives. (Many of these are old temples that were once sacred to other Gods). The ruler of the city is responsible for providing for their temple and its inhabitants. The word of a Vemoraxx is law, unless it goes against the commands of a dragon, or against the Laws of Tahkene. They are to be obeyed immediately and without question. Defiance is a crime and the Vemoraxx can deal any punishment they like.

The Vemoraxx wear colored robes, the same color of their Dragon Master. Their face is hidden by a mask made of metal fashioned in a style unique to their Dragon. The metal type is an indicator of their rank in the order. Bronze is the lowest, then Silver, then Gold. Each Great Dragon also has a Vemoraxx High Priest. Their masks are made of gemstones, matching their Dragon's color. There is also the Omniraxx. They wear masks of Adamantine, and are tasked with policing the ranks of the order. They are rarely seen outside the temples.

The Vemoraxx are called "priests" but that is an honorific only. Their members may be warriors, magic user, inquisitors, etc.

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