Valerym Monestyr

The story of Valerym Monestyr is one of love supassing many obstacles. Valerym was an elven minstrel who traveled the world, singing his songs and telling his tales. His story starts in a tavern in the city of sanction. Valeyym came to a tavern and sang his song and during the concert his eyes met that of a young human barmaid, named Layna. There was an instant connection, but as he went to see her at the end of the show, she cofessed that she was newly married to a young handsome man, called Vil. Being an honerable sort, he comented on her beauty, and went his way. He found over they nex few weeks as he left sacntion and journeyed to other places his mind had trouble forgetting the look of the young woman's face. He started to think about her more and more. He would wake up at night hearing his name upon her lips. One night while playing in a tavern in a small town, his lute dropped from his fingers, and his voice caught in his throat. He was sure that Layna was in pain. He recovered but counld not continue his performance, and retired for the night. All night he could not sleep. The next morning, the feeling was gone, but that repreive did not last. A week later the same thing happened. He decided that he would make his way back toward Sanction and see if he could place his mind at rest. As he traveled closer to the city, the bouts came more often, and one day he had a vision along with the feeling. Layna was being beat by the man she was married to. In that one look they had shared thoes many nights ago, a bond was formed, a love so strong, that if filled the person with the other's presence. He knew he had to save her.
He traveled to Sanction, but found she no longer worked at the tavern. He finally found that she lived in a noble's manor, and her husband was of a minor family. Because he had powerfult ties, Valerym could not just confront him, and so arranged to steal her away one night. The plan went well, but Vil had discovered them escaping and gethered his friends. they hunted the two of them down and killed Valerym, breaking his body and torturing him before they finally allowed him to die. Layna was so heartbroken, she took her own life, rather then live without Valerym. Today thier spirit still travel the higher realms together, forever in love.

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