The Ungol are an indigenous people who live in Eastern Aranthar. They live north of the Black Lands (Which they refer to as the killing land, where orcs and red priests of the nightmare goddess roam). To the east is Chi-cshûra where the people are soft but are protected by their Great Wall and stern metal clad warriors. North, the frozen wasteland, where no man may survive.
The Ungol live on the edge of that tundra, barely surviving in the frozen plains. But they are a hard people, a sturdy people. They used to war among themselves for the best herds, and hunting ground. But one day a dream came to all the leaders of the tribes. It was revealed that unless they banded together, their entire people would cease to be. But each leader though they should rule the tribes, and again there was almost war, until a wise Shaman bid them each to go on a Spirit Quest, and discover who amongst them would rule.
They left as a group in search of an ancient site that was sacred to their people and would allow them to be closer to their gods so they could know their will. There they found the a wise old master who told them that they should be judged by the gods, to see who was the most worthy. Each one was given a holy elixir to drink, to find their totem spirit.
The Wise old man was a lie though. In truth he was a Wizard of Qy, with pointed teeth and wished to use the men in a dark rite. Each of the drinks was a different concoction, made from the blood of a powerful being. It changed the leaders, and gave them dark sorcerous powers that were fuelled by their rage. The most powerful had drank of the blood of a dragon. It was he who killed the sorcerer with his bare hands, and he the other followed back to the tribes and named leader. They knew the tribe would never accept them back with the taint of sorcery, so they created a story of how the elders were granted the power of a totem beast by the gods which Is why they were changed.
For many years the leadership passed from father to son of that original Dragon Blooded chief, but the descendants of the other chiefs grew jealous even though they too had high standing. Secretly the plotted to overthrow the dragon line and bring in a new age….

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