Undertow Thieves Guild

A guild in Freeport consisting of mostly thieves, and thugs. They control most of the dockside gambling and prostitution. They are run by an enigmatic figure known only as Barlow, who very few have met in person. He is known for being brutal and vicious in his dealings. There are rumor his victims end up on his dinner table.

Your agents discovered that Barlow is something more than human, but what, is unknown. The rumors of him eating the flesh of his enemies are true.
In addition to the normal members of the guild, he has two main enforcers, half-orcs that specialize in fighting with their fists. The also has some exotic creatures he keeps on hand for intimidation, and disposing of bodies. His creature keeper is a small humanoid named Griff who is also a skilled combatant.
Barlow also employs a darkling Assassin, who is good at his job. The guild is not as powerful as the guilds of Eroth and Emic, but it still quite strong for a guild that only in charge of a single city district. They would be a difficult, but not impossible challenge for your group.

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