Twill S Lucky Coin

The famous or infamous double headed eagle coin was Twill's personal good luck charm when she was a mortal. The day she ascended the coin was left on Nor with a little of her in it. since then it has passed on from one person to another always though ending in the postion of her chosen at some point in that persons life until another chosen is picked. In the mean time who ever posses it is ether blessed or cursed with luck. its last know owner was Durmont Krillion Twill's last chosen. he obtained it in Torf after it was stolen off a man wining considerbly in the bets at the the thef was runing down the street he just happend to get hit on the head by a falling piece of morter from a rundown building, he droped the coin down a sewervent into the hands of Durmont. There are may more tales of this coin and some will be shared here. (more to come)

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