Twil S Raven

From the black feather bard and friend of the infamous Durmont.

The story goes that when Twil still walked the world she cought the attion of a raven one day as she was walking through a forst fliping her lucky coin. the bird would fly from tree to tree and watch the coin fliping through the air. for three days she traviled the woods and each day the raven followed and watched the coin. a few weeks later twil was involved in some questionable and unfortunet events that of corse were not her fault and lost her coin. the following morning apon waking up in jail the raven was on her cell window with the coin in its mouth. it droped it on the floor and flew away. when she went to the Magestrate she was some how found innocent and released.

After her action it is said that the coin and ravin passed to her chosen. when the coin is passed it is said the raven always delivers it to the new chosen.

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