Region: Emic
Edwyn Trent is the current head of family, He has Four sons and two daughters. Marcus (26) is a officer in local bank, Edwyn jr.(24) is an assistant financer in his father's company, his current goal is to establish exclusive trade contracts with the Amicus Trade Consortim And a greater percentage of trade from the Enloquicedo Merchant House. Gregor (23) is the families traveling sales expert something his younger brother was being trained to be. Tavan (22) Often called a misguided youth by his Mother and other not as nice things by his Father, currently without a reputiable position or prospets Tavas is the glossed over child of the family, Almost disowned for his Self Exile Taven has not been heard of in almost 2 years. Allison (23) The eldest daughter was recently married to the eldest son Joshua of The McDermot Family. Allicia (15) was been arranged to marry the second son of the Aquavius family Elric.

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