Through The Jungle

The band, not to sure if giving the bowl over to Rual is a good idea, decides to make their way to Eastern Aranthar. They wish to see the legendary land of Eroth and learn what they can about the Knight and other assorted things. Looking for a boat proves difficult however as Donovan's antics have not made them many friends. They have to settle on going through the jungle. They visit the hunt club to find a guide to find the choices very limited. One guide, bragging about his many skills and encounters (thought his reputation shows him as a good guide) and a drunken lout sleeping the day away. Naturally the band go with the lout. They set off in the morning with Eirik their guide and his two Elvin porters. Soon they come into the territory of the Marahat. This lion faced humanoid seems to have a lush throne room in the middle of the open jungle, and his powers are great, which he demonstrated by causing lighting in the sky, and the very ground to burst with stony hands. He demanded his usual tribute and one more thing. Something he had never seen in his jungle home. Red. After much diplomacy, he agreed to settle for a magic returning dagger Donovan carried and let them pass.

The next day they ran into something strange. A ruined city in the jungle, where there had not been one before. Eirik had taken this way many times and he was sure the city had not been there eve n thought it looked ancient. After a little exploring, and almost being eaten by two leopard, the band discovered an alter with a body on it. The body carried an unblemished and obvious magical sword and went that went to move closer, they were attacked by creatures seemingly made from shadow.

Their attacks had no effect on these creatures, passing harmlessly through them, unless they were in direct light. Donovan tried to grab the sword, but found the sword had other idea as he was launched into the air 40 feet back. Robert finally managed to grab the sword and it found his an acceptable wielder. The sword magic worked against the creatures and soon they were destroyed. The weapon having some type of sentience, explained that this was the resting place of Raven Greyeyes, a warrior known for fighting the shadow. The sword called Peacekeeper wish to be used in the battle against these creatures and demanded that Robert go to the hive nearby to destroy them.

Robert followed its advice and the band entered into the depths of the old crypt where they found not a hive of shadow, but instead a dark clad warrior, his face hidden by a great healm with sent shivers among the party. A wizard and two fighting men. Without a word the black clad man ordered them to attack, and the wizard began his incantations of destruction.

The battle was feirce, and the character barely made it out with thier lives. Wizard are tough to deal with. The armored figure escaped through the portal, but the others were killed. Robert learned that these are Shadow Touches. People who are in league with The Nameless One. They were responsible for numerous invasions by armies of creatures from the plane of shadow. What they would be doing out here in the jungle is unknown, but it can't be good. The portal, now just stone, lies silent, and there dosen't seem to be anyway to open it, but perhaps in the future, when they learn more about this Praxite Race, and might be able to understand how thier magic work, the portal might come in useful. As for the shadow touched who got away, as long they don'e see him again, it is over.

As they meet up again with Eirik, and head out of the jungle, they encounter another of its strange inhabitants. Bee people, Eirik called them. Humaniod bees who collect the pollen from gian honeysucke plants. Plants that have such a strong smell it can leave a man senseless. Fortunatly Eirik knew his way past them, and the Band reached Torf safley. Well reletavely. As soon as they entered the city, an agent of Fear, the local crime boss, recognized them from thier liberating of Nyx and sent his goon squad after them. They fought them easily, and came to the attention of a nearby visitor.

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