The White Death

The White Death is what some of the nortern tribesman called Blindingbrist, a White Dragon that lives in the mountains North of Eroth. The tribesman fear the dragon, as it has attacked thier herds and even some of the tribe. The Dragon tends to stay away from any cities however, and rarely travels south more than a 50 miles. Because of this, Eroth has mostly left the Dragon alone.

Blindingbrist is a large white Dragon, that some say measures over 30 feet from nose to tail. It is the smallest species of Dragon, but by no means one to trifle with. The earliest stories of Blindingbrist date to about 1562. The nortern tribe of barbarians, called the ormr discovered the wyrm. It had come from the mountain they called White Peak. If grabbed one of the Bison, and carried it away into the sky. Since then the tribe has seen it many time, feeding. In fact the Ormr have taken the creature as it's Token, and often travels to the mountain to pay homage. Even this show of respect does not sedate Blindingbrist though, as has often made meals of Tribeman.

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