The Well Of Lost Souls

The history of this well is lost to antiquity but the myth of the well and Rohan may never be forgotten.
The well was a dried out resource of a dying poverty stricken community. The myth as it has been told to me is hence, One day when the rays of Sost and Rhea were most unkind. When the wind it self seemed to shear at you like a blade left in the fire, a party of well dressed and well equipped Adventurers came riding into a small thorp thought dead by any who knew of it’s location. Riding down the once coble stoned main road kicking up dust and what else one could not guess as they slowly entered this dying thorp. In the center of town was the reserve of life now dry from the hot summer months. Near there some children sat begging the adventures for their coin so they could find a spell shaper to heal the well and save their village. Rohan a dark man with eyes that blazed like long burned embers smiled and began flipping a solitary gold coin, more money then any of these children have ever seen. He watched their eyes as he slowly and maliciously flipped the coin watching their heads bop up and down in time with the tarnished coin. A slight smile came across his face and he knew what he would do. Calling out to the children he said very low and very quite almost playfully “Do you want this coin…?
And to this the children could only respond in a gleeful way “yes kind sir, yes master.”
With this the evil smirk became a fully vile smile as Rohan began to speak sinisterly like a snake, “I’ll make you a deal whoever brings this coin back to me I will give a thousand gold pieces to you just have to go and get where I place it… Deal?
“Why yes great sir no matter where that coin goes we will find it and return it to you”
With a sigh of a demon Rohan flipped the coin one last time, but instead of catching it he let it fall, fall down the well. In a frenzy the children began to climb down the well but too many tried at once and one fell upon the other causing all of the children to fall down the well with a deafening crunch and the sound of broken bones and darker things.
With a small broken voice one of the children called out for help, but sadly no one could hear the cries save for one man who slowly, relishing every moment of it began to draw a stone lid across the top of the well sealing it’s inhabitants in the dark until they slowly bleed to death.
As time as passed no one remembers where the location of this well only that if someone where to fall inside it is said that the evil act had imbued the well with the taint of Rohan and he may very well exert some control over them, or at the very worse cause them to become just as he was in life.

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