The Virtuous

The Virtuous are the names given to the men and women who have been chosen by Sul to combat The Four Horsemen. Unlike the horsemen the virtuous have no set number, though there have been no more then seven at one time. The virtuous are regular men and women who are literally good people. Those that do right by their fellow man and those that truly want to make a difference. While they are not given incredible powers like the horseman, they are each imbued with a piece of Sul's divinity. This usually enhances their natural traits and allows them to recognize the taint of the horseman wherever they go.
The virtuous try to recruit others to help them combat whatever evil the horsemen are doing and do what they can to mitigate the effects of their passage. While they are not tasked to face the horsemen directly, confrontation is not uncommon. Often a virtuous will need to directly intercede to stop one of the horseman from committing some heinous act, and they are often out powered. While the mantle of the virtuous does protect them somewhat and give them resilience and allows them to do more than they could without it, it rarely gives them the power to match a horseman physically or magically. In fact the virtuous will often work together against one of the horseman. Despite the challenges, the virtuous have persevered much more than they have failed. In it said that the true power of Sul lies not in the granting of the mantle, but in choosing who gets that power, as the virtuous often rely on other means to stop the horseman.

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