Valley Of The Gods

Place of Holy Worship where temples to all gods can be found. Founded by Brother Tobin under the guidance of Sul.

The temple grounds of each faith are a true reflection of what each ethos holds as most important. The Temple of Fieril is a sacred grove that is watched over by woodland creatures. The most shocking of all things found at the valley is The Sacred Stones an alter dedicated to see your standing with your own god, or to see if you have the ire of any of the gods. One of the Adventurers who helped restore the valley, actually had the guile to go and stand at The Nameless One's marker and see what he thought of him. A foolish if not full of bravado move seeing he and he's friends stopped the coming of another Shadow War.The Grand Cathedral of Sul is also found here and in it The Shield and Holy Symbol used by Brother Tobin. They lay in a remade alter that has The shield in the front in a carved space covered by a glass panel and the holy symbol on the top in the same fashon and are awaiting a worthy servent of Sul to once again wield them.

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