The Valley Forgotten

Gather round one and all, listen to my tale.
It tells of a holy place, inside a misty vale.
Created out of love of life, and faith held strong and true
Broken by an evil spell, and trust held long, cut through.
Upon the death of Tobin, and his loss of his resolve,
A vow he though lay broken, a sin he could never absolve.
The evil soul, his life past due, but held to him with magic
He took advantage of the loss, and thus the tale turned tragic.
The valley once green and bright, it colors now faded
A power of dark demonic strength leaves the vale shaded.
The lich, his form bereft of flesh and bloodless reigned in terror
Until The Band arrived and again made the valley fairer.

The temple lie desecrate, broken and forgotten
The trees and the orchard lie, dead, bereft and rotten
But life still lived deep in the vale, for faith is not so fleeting,
It lies down deep waiting those who time is was for meeting.
The vale it's only hope lie, in the hands of the band's redeeming
But the band did not pass beneath the glare of the lich and his scheming.

Asastos first, loss of freedom set the world to grieving.
A puzzle lie insides its wall, it priest never leaving.
Trap by evil cloaked as good, it spell was finally broken,
Their spirit free to roam the world, their thanks left unspoken.

Now the valley sits free, but still lies in decay and coldness.
Next to nature’s haven, our band now strode with boldness.
Their act had not gone unnoticed, by the lich safe in his web,
With the loss of that temple, he felt his power ebb.
His counter stroke was swift and hard, the band nearly lost a member,
But knowledge was the elf's defense, his past he remembered.
The evil spell did not win true, and Dumont’s skill save him
But Arvendel still moved with care, his brush with death left him grim.

The Grove of the nature God was next on for them to tackle.
Unknown to them, the guardians mind, was strong in shackle.
They did not see the band as friends as set out to destroy them.
The band held true and looked for sign of where this evil did stem.
The symbol of nature's sway was locked and held by evil
A unicorn, the priest of Firiel, trapped caused this upheaval.
But lo and behold her horn was gone, and freedom would not end her pain.
Her blood would heal the land and her death not be in vain.
A sword stroke quick and clean, Let the goddess hear their prayers,
No pain was ever felt, but even that could not still their tears.
The land was healed; the temple cleansed, into darkness, no longer sliding,
The flowers bloomed, the grass grew and the insects went to hiding.

Another blow to the lich Adrabar, his attention turned now outward
His minions he sent, to slay them all, they numbered a small horde.
The power of the gods held true, the band was not slain this day
The undead army left in ruin, their resolve he could not sway.

The coldness on the valley lay deep in their thought
To the temple of Andrade, to see what his evil there wrought.
The flame eternal cold and dark, its fire had gone still
They knew their task, that sacred fire was what they had to fill.
To the world of heat and flame they went, their quest for eternal fire
The great sultan of that place was not ready to give them their desire.
First he wanted a boon from them, a task they could not finish
A piece of ice brought through the flame, one that did not diminish.
This task was one that could not be, they were counseled to leave and run.
But the band has before done the impossible; they would not leave this task undone.
From fire to ice the traveled the realms, and came into the sky.
There they met a friend true and old, once grounded but now she did fly.
She told them of the frost giant kings, whose spear was of ice unmelting
Even the fire of the sultans realms, could not bring this ice to smelting.
The battle for the spear of ice, was not so easily won,
But the band held strong ,their skill was great and the task soon lay done.
The prize they brought to the sultans home, and asked now for his boon
He gave to them the fire and brought them to their home.
The fire warmed the valley and broke more of the evil spell
They now felt that Adrabar's time had come, t'was time the great lich fell.
The battle was rough and on the edge, the liches magic was never depleted
For sword and spell would not hold the way to see the lich defeated.
Jonsey while looking for respite came across the solution
For waiting all these years was the spirit of Tobin, awaiting absolution.
He claimed his faith was lost because a holy vow he’d broken.
Jonsey showed him humans err, and gave to him a token.
A piece of the holy globe, sacred to Sul his patron
It glowed with a life of divine strength, a sign from his holy matron.
With that the spell on the vale was sundered, its power left was none.
And with his power shaken, the lich was soon undone.
The band unshackled the valley and opened it for all to see
A place to worship any god, and once again be free

Some strained verse by a level one bard seen around skyvale.

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