Chi Cshura

The trip to Chi Cshûra was not something to be taken lightly. One month on a boat and the band was truly tired of the sea. They each had their own thought to deal with on the trip. Red of her lost ability to change, Durmont his confusing faith, Robert his curse and Wazuki coming home again. As The Band’s journals will show, each had his own personal demons to battle. Soon these demons would even take one of the band forever. When they landed in Chi Cshûra, it was unlike anything they had ever seen before. The culture of Chi Cshûra is unique and is something to vast to discuss in the tales of the band. Look to other sources to find more on that wondrous land. As soon as they landed luck ran with them, as it always seems to do. The daughter of the Sai’ Gai-don, Leader of the Chi Cshûran people, was out in the market square when cloaked assassin tried to kill her. The band stepped in and saved her life, with the help of one on Wazuki’s old friends. They were rewarded with a trade agreement for Lord Kerlan and permission to go to any keep in the land. They first went to the phoenix, for they were skilled in lore. There they found where Ruidian lay. South past the Dragon Wall. A long stone wall built by strange magic with held the creatures of the waste back. From there they made their way to the Land of the Crab Clan, who is responsible for guarding the land from the shadow. This clan was Wazuki’s and the band felt quite at home there. While they were there though, the leader of the Shadow forces in the waste, Randall Flagg came with his army, an army, the likes the Crab had never seen before. Behind the walls the Crab could hold, but the band needed to get through that army to reach Ruidian. The Crabs clan came up with a plan. They would attack and force a way through the shadow. It would leave the wall open but if the band got through and found a way to truly stop the war the crab clan would make the sacrifice. Then Randall offered a truce. If the people of the crab were to give up the band to him, he would leave them in peace. These crab clan warriors however had built their life around protecting the people from Flagg and his army. They would accept no bargain. They attacked, and the got through. The result was the death of many warriors, and the taking of one of the wall fortresses by the shadow. The Band headed off to Ruidian.

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