The Sword Of Malavious

The order is here in search of the famous sword of Malavious. A group of inquisitors were pushed out of Harenhal because of their "to aggressive" natures and sent to Eastern Aranthar to bring the word of the order to the people there. They built a fortress in the Thorodon Mountains and called them selves the Order of Odocar. They went in search of people to bring to light. Without the calming hand of the rest of the order they were even more ruthless than they were at Harenhal. Finally Malavious, leader of the order himself, went to try to rein them in. While he was there, the people of the area had had enough and raised the fortress with Malavious inside. They did not know he had bee there and he was entombed with the rest. Now during their rein they collected any evil artifact they could to save to world from them. They stored them in a vault. When the people raised the tower, they suddenly had all of these items, as well as books about the study of the one God, a god that worship of, was forbidden for as long as anyone could remember. Monk or Kerius built a keep there with three purposes. First to house the bodies of the dead fallen inquisitors; second to guard away knowledge of this one God; last to house the evil magic artifacts the order has collected.

The order under Lt Cornelius had come here to find the sword of Malavious for Lord Commander Alister to raise him in the eyes of the soldiers. They found the keep, and managed to get in releasing a group of wraiths, the spirits of the long dead inquisitors. They managed to drive them back to the keep, but unbeknownst to them a greater evil awaked. The evil artifacts had somehow combined to form a malignant consciousness. It was set on destroying everything.

The band, not wanting Cornelius getting the sword went in to the keep, fought their way to the sword, and killed the wraiths laying all but one (who was missing, for Malavious took his place) to rest. They discovered the creature of evil, just as Cornelius and his men entered the keep. At first the Order and the band fought, until Jonsey noticed that every time anger and violence was done the creature, an amorphous blob which was eating everything it touched, got stronger. They finally realized the way to defeat the creature lay in the opposite of anger and violence. Forgiveness. Peace. Trusting. One of the questioners thought kept the animosity up and seemed to be provoking violence between the two. After a heartfelt moment they made peace with Cornelius and turned against the questioners. It was then he revealed himself as Odocar, the very questioner who drove the order of Odocar to evil by manipulation all those years ago. He was a demon and was responsible for igniting the spark that gave life to the creature. He feeds of negative emotion. The band and the order would not give in to his manipulations, and forced him to flee and the creature was destroyed. Wazuki took the Sword of Malavious, and took command of the order, angering the questioners. The order was sent to Robert to train his men for the coming battle against Bornehold.

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