The Star Jewel
star-sapphire.jpgA gem that shines with the power of the sun. Imbued with the very essence of the White Archmage Garrick. Used to offset the power of The Helm of Behazelmon in the last shadow war.

An excerpt from the Mal'Al'Dala
translated from Old Erothian by Joras Tribbebarm, Sage of Everdael

The Star Jewel was created during the Shadow War, by the mage Morhion. Morhion was in the keep of Tilgath, when the siege of darkness kept the people their trapped. It was there he discovered that it was not light, that held the Shadow back, but rather the Sun's rays. He worked hard to find a way to trap the sun's rays in something to use as a weapon against the shadow, but all of his efforts failed. Morhion escaped Tilgath during its fall and during the escape came across a hidden fortress. To this day, it is not known to whom it belonged, but it did hold one thing. It held a Stargem. While these magical gems are not common, they are not completely unheard of. They are often made by Elven mages to hold and stor spell energy. Morhion realized that he might have found a way to fullfill his dream. He used his magic and opened a gateway to the para-elemental plane of minerals. Anything passing through this gate would turn instantly to crystal. He tried all different crystals, hoping one of them would hold sunlight, but none worked. One night he received a visionand in that vision he was shown to go to the mountains north of Emik, and find Starhome. He traveled for many months untill he finally found a fortress hidden deep within the mountains. When he entered, he was surprised to find that people there were all ready expecting him. Starhome was a training ground for Star Lords. It was their that he found Andrade (the very same person who ascended to Godhood) it seemed that she also received a vision, and had been working with her students on a gathering ritual. Together; her and about 300 Star Lords focused sunlight through the gateway to the plane of crystals. Within the mineral plane the ray of focused sunlight turned into a perfect crystal, which shed off light as bright and intense as the sun itself. Using his magic, Morhion took the crystal, and placed it into the Stargem, and thus the Star Jewel was born. Morhion then used the jewel to drive off the Shadow and help Aragon win the War of Shadow.

When the Red Circle ascended to power, Andrade blessed the Star Jewel, and increased it's power. It now holds sunlight, everlasting, and shall never be drained. The last known location of the jewel was in the possession of the Dragon, Perrin Revel. When he disappeared atop a large flaming mountain, it was asssumed the gem perished with him, but it is also widely known that the Lady of the Sunrise protects her property.

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