The Society

The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Artifacts and Hidden Treasures.

The society is an organization that is made up of treasure seekers, tomb raiders, Explorers, and all other manner of folk who seek to find that which is hidden. They seek out knowledge and artifacts that one was lost to the world and return it to civilization. The members pride themselves on the search and recovery, rather than the use the item are put to afterward, except for one instance. If a Patron is known to use the item for overtly nefarious means, the society will not treat with them.

Mission Statement: To find that which is lost, to reveal that which is hidden, to rescue that which has fallen into obscurity

History: The society is an off shoot of an old mage guild that collected magical items. During the course the group often found mundane items that were once lost and held a historical significance. Several of the member would collect these items and store them, sometimes selling them to collectors. Compare to the market for Enchanted items though, the profit was small and eventually the practice died out with the disolvement of the Mage guild. The items had been stored in several warehouses across Nor.
Many years later, while looking for clues to the Catarak Crystal Johnas James came across one of the warehouses. He, being a scholar of history was amazed at the artifacts that had been collected. Then Johnas started to catalog them, he found that they were worth a fortune on the collectors market, and he also came across the most prized of possessions. One of the Guildmember's journals. Reading through it he discovered the purposed of the old guild, and came up with the idea of creating a new one. One that would be more interested in the historical aspect of the collection. He founded the Society.
He ran the society for several years however he was secretly selling of the items that were collected to fund his own futile search for the crystal. When he other members found out they kicked him out. From there the group also changed a bit, focusing more on the members rather than the collection. They became a place where explorers, treasure hunters and fame seekers could gather and exchange stories and ideas. They also grew into a respectable business, selling some of their wares to build a storehouse of goods that adventurer's could buy supplies at a discounted price. They also became a place where wealthy patrons could sponsor expeditions. In time they grew to have a chapter house in almost every major trade center on Nor.


The Society has mixed relations in different parts of Nor. While most city with a lot of commerce welcome a chapter house and its members, There are some that have a particular enmity toward the order. By it nature the order collects knowledge and many places that control knowledge as a form of power have difficult relations with society members. Places such as Condor, Devil's keep, Sinia are hostile toward member of the Society, and in Condor, being identified as a member is treason and punishable by death.
In other cities member are well respected and are even treated to benefits that normal travelers would not be. Skyvale in particular has an In that offers Society member free room and board. Temples of Gilidan are also big supporters of the society's efforts, though they differ on the opinion that some items have a value and should be sold rather than simply shared.


Freeport: Chapter head: Charles Dexter Ward

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