The Shadowed Star Traveling Circus

The Shadowed Star Circus

Goldilocks – Long haired blonde. Can make plants grow and wilt and change colors.
Varmouth - Overweight red hair. Vormouth, the largest of all of the clowns seem to be "the boss" often pushing the others around.
Pol - This mute clown seems to love to make children laugh. His mime tricks seem almost real.
Clownies – The newest clowns in the tent.

Gemini - Twin sister acrobats - Nee and Phea, Dark skinned Kaliman natives who walk tightropes, swing on trapezes and other feats of agility.
Balmor “the Monster”– Balmor is a huge hulking beast of a man, fitted with a thick spiked collar attached to a chain. Only the young girl ivy can keep him calm. He has yet to find a man he can not lift off the ground.
Sorese – This wizard specializes in illusions to impress the crowd.
Kit of the Yellow Locus – Kit is from Chi-Cshura and is known for having exact control of her body. Not only can she move in way not humanly thought possible but her ability to withstand pain is amazing.
El-Toridente – Knife thrower, whp master, juggler. This half elf is one of the most skilled weaponmasters you have ever seen.
Grimtooth – This goblin is known for his elaborate mechanical devices with do all sorts of amazing things to entertain crowds.
Carnies – these are the newer performers who don’t have top billing. They come in many flavors.
Delana – This dark skinned elf is a hooper who does an amazing dance with metal hoops.

Ivy – Balmor's keeper. This eight year old girl is the only one Balmor listens to.
Kraven – This is the Circus’ big game hunter. He handles all of the monsters that are there for show. He is a human Shaman, that has learned to harness the abilities of the creatures he captures.
Kris – This unearthly beautiful young elven female is glow’s keeper. Glow, a unicorn, is one of the circus’s most prized possessions, as they are so rare, and are only able to befriend maidens.
Hareem – While Kraven handles the monsters, Hareem take care of the more subtle animals. The elephants, donkeys, horses, and other animals that make up the show.
Vesper – This druid has an affinity for snakes, and keeps a large variety, some more deadly than others.

Roustabouts – “Pac” Jones has been with the circus all his life. He is in charge of the rousties.

Madame Rusto – Card reader, Bone thrower, seer. This old lady truly has the gift of prophesy. Her most prized possession is her font of dreams. This magical bowl allows anyone looking into it to see scene that somehow will have great meaning in their life. Sometime it is the past, sometimes the future, other times just an image that relates to them.
Angliamax – Alchemist. This old grey haired human specializes in creating the strangest concoctions. He has all standard alchemy and herbal mixes, and some that are less then standard.
Pratt – Once a performer, prat now only does private shows. Pratt, a medium can call up spirit of the departed and ask them questions on behalf of their loved ones. He does so without the need of a body.
Shell – The tattooed Lady. Shell is also another former performer who still goes on stage here and there. Her main job now is to tattoo (or draw in henna style) tattoos on patrons. Her skill is unmatched.
Lodz – This middle aged, with white hair is obviously blind. His eyes nothing more than milky white globes. He is however an artist without peer. Spending a mins to touch the face of a person allows him to reproduce their image on canvas or in stone perfectly.
The Ringmaster
Dorien - This charming halfling not only manages the circus, but entertains the crowd with minor magic tricks and other bit of sleight of hand.

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