The Scrolls Of Immortality I

A good way to stay out of the assassin’s range is to leave. Kull asks the band to help his friend Ki-Yun Find some scrolls that are very powerful, and if the end up in the wrong hand, it can mean doom for the entire world. The band naturally says yes but the scrolls are in the black land. Robert says he will stay behind to get the men ready, and ask the band to return from the south gathering whatever aid they can. He wishes to crush the Bornehold between the north and the south. It was an emotional parting as the band that has been together for so long, now part, never knowing if they will meet again. The band minus Robert, fly on ruple over the mountain and he lets them off at a village of Halflings. There they are followed by a quartet name Frodo, Sam, pippin and merry who all wish to have great adventures and do great things. One of them seems to constantly play with something he carries under his shirt around his neck. With Halflings in tow the character make their way toward DireHold and run into a strange sight. A farm where several soldier are ordering farmer to get out into the fields and work. The farmers are saying that to work the filed is death, for the Gemini (two fearsome monsters) will kill anyone they find out there. The soldier orders them and says if the crops come up short; the queen will make the farmer watch as his family is burned alive.

The band, being the good folk they are, go out into the field to search for these monsters. They find them ion the form of two giant lions, which have been altered by some strange magic. They are able to kill them, but in the process forgot about their Halfling charges. Frodo, Sam, Merry and pippin are all lion meat, and the band buried them in the field, laying Frodo to rest with his strange gold ring that he always used to finger when nervous.

After saving the farmers, the band makes their Way to DireHold, where they encounter an old friend of Donovan. After catching up with Cruehand Soldshort, whom Donovan last saw being dragged of to the dungeons by lain soldiers, he found that Cruehand now lead the legendary Blood Brigade. A group of shock trooper made up of street toughs and pit fighters. They have a very short life span and are enhanced by this special drink which makes them stronger, faster and hardier. Of course the drink is very addictive and controlled by the soldier of lain. Also it burns its user out fast, and the blood brigade member has an average life span of 3-5 years. As the band say their farewells and go to leave the city Cruehand attack with some soldier. It seems the only way for cure hand to retire and get the antidote for the serum, it to find someone to replace him. Donovan, knows as the best pit fighter in all of lain is the perfect choice. Fortunately, the band easily takes out the soldier and force Cruehand to flee with a vow of vengeance.

Making their way to quagmire, they are attack in the ruins of the old city West Wind. Scorpion clan ninja try to stop the band from interfering with the Shugenja who is after the scrolls too. It seems the scroll can bestow immortality and invincibility upon their reader. The band easily fought off the ninja. They then pass by Quagmire, for their last time here did not end on a good note, and head for Bendan.

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