The Orcs Of The Wild Lands The Village Of Troy

The band sent Wazuki to go Rogania and get thier help in dealing with the orcs. He not only got a pledge of assistance from Rogania, but also from the The Order Of illumination, it they were allowed to take the keep after it was cleared. Wazuki was given a letter to go to the Lord Commander of Harrenhal.

On the way there the band ran into some trouble. The first found a farm where all the people had been killed. After a good examination they found the victims slashed and drained of all life, cold. The only survivor was a small dog, who quickly took to following them around. They left there to the nearest village known as New Springs, only to find too had been attacked. A whole village dead. the attack was by shadow beasts. They also found a band of looters taking advantage of the situation. After teaching the band about stealing, and taking them on as prisoners, they quickly made thier way to the next village of Troy.

Troy was already warned that the shadow beast were comming, and seemed already defeated. There was no way to make for Harrenhall before nightfall, and the shadow would attack then. An old warrior, one time knight of Eroth, was found in the village. He claimed there was no hope and went to drown his sorrows and die in his own home.

Robert was not so quick to give up. He gathered the people in the town meeting hall, borded up the windows and prepared to do battle. The old knight gave to Robert his armor, and gear and among them was found an old journal. As the villagers prepared, night fell…

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