The Metallic Fortress

The main fortress of The Metallic Knights of Eroth. As you enter the court yard there is a single statue, the statue of the knights refounder Sir Robert Drake and at the base is inscribed the moto of the knights " Until death we protect" to memerate the death of Robert to ensure Eroth's safety. Also here is the counsle of knights the governing body of the knights lead by the Lord Captain of the Knights. There are ten knights that make up the counsle. Also here is the vault of ten, named so becouse it requires ten keys to be opened one held by each of the counsle knights well in old days it held untold treasure today it houses the secrets of the knights such as the key to Thoradan and the location of the last know metallic dragon eggs. The knights also offer it to nobles or wealthy merchants who might have somthing of great value to protect.

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