The Metallic Drake Clan

The Metallic Drake Clan

“Praise to the great savior of us all, May the time for his return be near for all to see his glory.” ~ Morning Chant

The Metallic Drake Clan formed years ago when four young kobolds were saved from the tyranny of the ogres that ruled over their old tribe the Cracked Skull Clan. The savior of these four were was a great Bronze Dragon. While he never gave his name he took the time to speak with them and teach them, as one would do with children. This small amount of time spent together filled these Kobolds with a sense of Honor and Pride. They learned lessons on what was right and what was wrong. What to do and what not to do, and over time they mated and became more.

But over the course of time they saw their benefactor less and less until they saw him no more, as time passed they began to learn for themselves and developed a unique philosophy to this clan alone. They were just as crafty as the other Kobold clans were but instead of putting their unique view towards traps and deviousness. They lent their skill to mining and construction. They expanded the small underground haven. And soon a small burrow was made. Time had made them wary and they had a strict sense of family and Virtue. Instead of procreating continually like their cousins this clan used restraint and only mated as needed.

They learned from what they did; they became better at what they did. The clans crowing shaft was to break through straight to the sky so they could learn more of the world above. As the work began something was different about this. The lead designer figured that they could break through the cusp in 1000 ft. but they ended up digging into the dragon that had taught them how to be home. Inside they found a hoard of knowledge and artifacts. And a sacred shrine to be protected. The entire clan stopped working and came to the new chamber. Offering prayers and trinkets of metal and jewels. Then the oldest swore the clan oath.

“ We shall protect this shrine till the end of our line, a vow we make with honor in mind
Our blood be bound, Our hearts have found our calling from this day forth
Our strength shall protect, Our clutch will defend from this day forth.”

Something happened that day but none in the clan realized it. The Metallic Drake Clan always had its enemies from orcs who roamed the plains to the goblins in the mountain itself. They learned to craft weapons to defend and how to use them; they studied the lore of magic and found it came easily to them. With this their power grew and the whole became more then the sum of their parts. Then a dark day came.

This day of darkness occurred when their magic would not hold off the attacking goblins and orcs. The Clan retreated from one stronghold to the next till only 40 had survived to enter the great stronghold of the shrine and to defend it. Here the 40 kobolds stood and defended everything they were with the force of water the rained upon their foes, with the fervor of the devoted they stood and did not fall.

They began to rebuild what there was and times were hard but good the shrine still remains intact and they tell the tale that the 5 shrine stones have blessed them for once in a generation the colors on the stone appear on 5 eggs in their hatchery and these five are born blessed by the dragons themselves.

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