The Land Of The Lost

The Band made secured passage, by promising Dumont’s father to do their best to open up trade relations with Chi Cshûra. Lord Kerlan provided them with a ship and their first stop, Seaport to pick up their cargo. Going back to the city was a strange situation for the band, and they left many enemies behind. It just turned out that one of those enemies came back to haunt them. The Goddess of Storms and sea did not take so kindly to their crossing her waters and did her best to sink them. Somehow they survived and washed upon the shore of a small island. This island was home to quite a few unique forms of life however, including a large reptilian creature with teeth the size of swords and an attitude to match. The beast swallowed Sir Robert and proceeded to try to finish off his meal. The band fought valiantly in Robert's honor, only to see the brave knight cut his way from the belly of the beast into freedom. Donovan also decided that fighting the creature from the inside out was a better idea then dealing with its thick hide and was swallowed also. Together the band was able to fell the beast, a feat not done in the history of the island's inhabitants. They met one after the battle who was so surprised they killed "Grumpy"; he welcomed them to his home. It wasn't long before they discovered two strange things about the natives, who each carried a falcon as a companion. First there were no woman in the village, and second, they had a crystal that came from one of the ancient cities. After some talk they found some more strange things. The crystal was representative of their sky god who sent crystal shaped messengers streaking through the sky glowing in strange colors. Their hawk God Severus, god of birds and air was chief foe to goddess Kali, who were worshipped by the other inhabitants of the island. A group of woman sorcerers who used men as slaves and could pervert any woman to their way of thinking. If fact the crystals had come from the very temple some of these woman used to convert the females of the Kazar, the falconer, who had now become friends of the band. It was this power the Kali had over women that forced the Kazar to keep the females alone in a village and uneducated. Only the genderless priests could visit both villages and be safe. Knowing that the crystals in the sky had something to do with the ancient cities, and that the temple held more the band set out to see these "Kali". What they found was a cult whose worship of the goddess kali was actually a guise for Takhene, Goddess of Evil. A holy relic kept in the temple allowed them to convert woman to their evil ways, and enslave men. Fortunately they had not counted on the men of the Band who were able to steal the statue and end the threat of the temple. Now the cult would have to convince women to follow them, a task not so easy. With the kali chased from the temple the band discovered the secret behind the crystals. A programmed image of Garick Ashlan, arc mage gave them some answers. The praxite race back in times when they ruled parts of nor, created the crystals to stop the shadow, so they alone could rule the planet. They created seven artifacts which when activated would stop any creatures of shadow from entering our world. It also would send out crystals like the ones saw over the island to hunt any shadow left and destroy it. The band delighted in this info copied the location of the other seven devices. Gathered the crystals to power them and left bidding the Kazar farewell and good luck. It turned out the boat supplied by lord Kerlan was not destroyed. After the band was thrown overboard, the attack on the ship stopped.

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