The Knights Of Dracos

The Knights of Dracos
Simon Dracos is regarded as the greatest monster hunter to have ever lived. He was born into a long a line of hunters who were blessed by the One God with the ability to hunt creatures the prey on innocent souls. For seven generations, his family were the guardian of the people of Arnonia keeping them safe from monsters whose very nature was to prey upon others. They specialized in fighting the evilest of threats. Not simple beasts who hunted for food or by instinct, but those who preyed upon other because of the evil then harbored. Bugbears, undead, Evil Lycanthropes, are all favored targets of the Dracos line, for they delight in bringing pain and terror to their victims.
Simon Dracos was the most famous of all the Dracos line and the last. Some scholar debate whether he was the most effective, or most accomplished. His fame though comes from a series of journals he kept which outlined his tactics and his knowledge of his adversaries. What most of his forebears passed on from father to son, Simon put to paper. Studies he made of various types of creatures and monsters. Tactics they used and tactics best used against them. How to craft weapons specific to a type of prey, and way to protect oneself from certain opponents. He left a complete primer for anyone who wished to follow in his footsteps. In addition to these treasured sources of general knowledge, he left specific detailed account of specific adversaries. These personal journals are what is believed to have gotten him killed. In the year 666 Simon Dracos was killed by his self-proclaimed nemesis. Kahnikon a vampire lord lured Simon into a trap and murdered him. The two had been adversaries for some time. His journal containing information on the vampire and his activities was never found as well as several other journals. Many scholar and hunters alike would like to find the missing texts. His other manuals did survive. 10 years after his death, the Knights of Dracos arose. An order of adventurers dedicated to taking on the fight the Dracos family could no longer fight themselves. While not true knights, the order has become a local legend in Arnonia as it is known for helping the common folk. Unfortunately, they are not as respected as much by the gentry. Fearing the personal journals may contain account of nobles’ dealings most major cities run by the nobility consider the Knight a menace and have gone as far as banning the manuals of Dracos and the order.

The knights are made up of adventurers who train to fight monsters. While they will confront any threat to the people of Arnonia (Or other places they may operate), they specialize in creatures with evil nature and the Dracos family did. They are trained using the knowledge and techniques found in the Dracon Manual collection, and each new member if given the Draco Guide to Hunting. A beginner’s guide to identifying undead and other monsters who threaten Arnonia. As a member’s reputation grow he is tasked with missions more dangerous than new members. We can also expect support from the order in many different forms.
Members usually carry a green cloak with the Dracos Family symbol on it, however they rarely wear it. Many carry crossbows as one of the tools Dracos was known for was crossbows with alchemical arrows. Copies of this box exist but they are hard to make and rare though many members still learn the crossbow as a symbol, or in preparation they are able to one day earn one of the weapons themselves. They are looked on favorably by most of the common folk, and even some lord who live far from the cities where support is hard to come by. In cities such as Farsee they looked as almost as criminals and in some places advertising your membership is a crime.
Below are the benefits that come with higher reputation and the prestige cost of favors that can be called in by the members.

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