The Hill Giant

The party made thier way to Harrenhal to discover the the lord there, Lord Commander Archibald, had no real intention fo fighting for the people of rohan. He has his own problems. They ran into Lord Kerlan, Durmont's father. Lord Kerlan was very influential at court, and promised to help sway the Lord Commander, if they could offer him some assistance. He is trying to build a trade road between Searton and Harrenhal, but a Large Hill giant is accosting his workers. The band set out at once to take care of the problem. The encounter thier old friend Trik and Tork who were also making thier way to the Hill giant to buy his allegiance. After a quick fight, wich left the goblins without thier guard, the two decided to talk. They told the PC they are not in charge of the army, but rather a man name Nels who is in league with the shadow. It is he that is going around gathering an army. They told the band how to get in the fortress as long as the band left them alone to open thier bait shop. The left and went after the hill giant, who was using kobolds as ammunition against them. They managed to slay him, even left some of his treasure for the Trik and Tork. May they be on the road to open thier bait shop. They made thier way back to harrenhal, armed with knowledge on how to defeat the orcs, to find harrenhal in a mess, with no time to help them.

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