The Guardians Of Nor

Organization Type: Political Group
Size: Large 1000+ members
Base of Operations: Various
Membership Restrictions: none
Secret Group: yes
Symbol: Crossed Staff and Sword

The Guardians, as they are commonly known are a group dedicated to the good of all of Nor. They strive to ensure that the world is a place where good can flourish, and that there is a check on evil powers. They work to retain the freedom of all, and generally try to help common people where they can.

The guardians are a secret group, their member work best from the shadows working behind the scenes to push the world into a positive direction. They do have a central leadership, but its member are unknown. There are generally three levels of membership. Guardian Agents, who do not normally get involved in missions but are responsible for gathering of information and passing it onto the Guardians. They also support the guardians in other way, from financial support, to providing supplies, or even a ride, or bed for a night. Then there are the Guardian members, who are more directly involved in taking action to make the world a better place. They usually nurture relationships and recruit agents who can give them information or other support. They are pretty much self directed, going where they will and choosing their own causes to support. They however can be called upon for specific tasks, or missions. Last are the Guardian Wardens. These Guardians, usually play a larger role. They tend to keep an eye on things like politics, and global relations and will send members on missions to help influence these factors.

Even among a group such as the guardian with a clear defined goal, there are still different schools of thought on how to complete the goals. Some thing the guardians should focus on doing small things to make the world a better place. Work by example, and try to stay out of big confrontations. To this philosophy, risking Guardians in larger mechanization is not worth the reward. They would rather have a lot of Guardians doing small things which they believe will have an greater overall impact. Another school of thought feels that the guardians have bee trying this approach for years and still evil grows in the world. They feel they should take a more direct approach, and be willing to risk for the larger payoff. This type of thinking says that the guardians should be influencing things on a grander scale and help shape the future of Nor.

Prestige Awards:

Act Award
uncover an Evil Plot 1
Provide support to another Guardian 1
Defeat a Minor Evil (One who works alone or with a small group) 2+Dif in CR
Stop an Evil Plot (local) 2
Find and provide information useful to the guardians 2+
Destroy or contain an evil artifact 4+ dif in CL
Defend a settlement against an evil threat 2
recruit an Agent 2
Stop an Evil Plot (regional) 4
Defeat a med Evil (one who runs a med organization) 4+Dif in CR
Become a Warden 4
Discover a Secret group dedicated to Evil 5
Stop an Evil Plot (national) 6
Stop a major Evil (one who runs a large organization) 6+dif in CR
Level 5+ 1
Level 10+ 2
Level 15+ 3
Level 20 4

Prestige Benefits

Prestige rank Benefit
1 You are taught the signs and passwords to recognize agents, safehouses and secret signs
3 minor help from an agent, place to hide, meal, good or services not more then 10gp/lvl
5 Can obtain up to 250 GP in gear 1/month
5 Discount at stores of 10% from allied businesses
5 Access to trainers for training/retraining
7 Gain a Magic Guardian Badge
7 May be healed at allied temples, up to 3th lvl Spells
10 Gain an organization Trait
10 Loan of a magic resource not more than 5000gp
14 Gain an Organization Trait
15 Major help from an agent (Food and lodging and support, goods/services up to 100gp/lvl)
15 Can enlist the aid of a member of equal HD for a mission 1/month
20 Loan of magic resource not more than 10,000gp
21 Gain an organization Trait
28 Gain an organization Trait

Organization Traits:

Guardian Agent
In an area where you have made a check to identify Guardian agents, get a +2 Diplomacy checks. +3 if vs Good NPCs

Shadow Agent
Bluff is a class skill for you
+2 on checks to made to prevent revealing you true purpose/mission and +1 Saves vs Divination effects.

Name of the Guardians
Intimidate is a class skill for you
+4 to intimidate an npc/creature who is aware of the guardians.

Guardian Awareness
+1 to save vs Traps, and +3 Sense Motive vs Evil npc/creatures.

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