The Great Hunt

There are many legends about The Great Hunt, What follows it just one.

One day the King of the Sidhe was boasting about what a great hunter he was. The Queen heard him and went to him. "Husband of Winter, do you truly think you are the master of all that runs? Are you such a great hunter that no quarry can escape you?" The Sidhe King replied, "My lady summer, There is none that can escape me should I choose them to be my prey." The summer queen, with mischief in her eyes, batted them enticingly. "Then you would not mind a little wager. I shall pick the prey, and you shall be the predator. If you catch my choice, then I shall give you Two weeks more of winter. But should my prey escape, then summer shall cut your cold by the same." The king agreed, and the Queen chose a small humming bird as the king's prey. The King, never having hunted such a strange quarry, was unable to catch the elusive hummingbird. Bound by his word Summer arrived early that year. Every year the King and queen make a similar bet, but the king has learned from his mistake and has caught more prey then he has let escaped, and on some nights, on Midwinter's night, you can sometimes see the hunt, across the sky! On these night, hope the prey is quick, for no one likes a long winter.

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