The Great Dragons

The Great Dragons are all Scions of Tiamat, demi-goddess of dragons. There is one for each chromatic dragon race.

Ingivoraxx - This great red dragon is the strongest of the the five, and rules Eroth and the North of Eastern Aranthar

Fulgurvoraxx - This Great Blue Dragon Rules The southern part of Western Aranthar, including Sry, and Armador

Venovoraxx - This Great Green Dragon rules The northern part or Western Aranthar, incuding Emik

Acidevoraxx - This Black Dragon rules the southern portion of Eastern Aranthar, including Condor.

Glacivoraxx - This White Dragon rules the lands above the Icewall.

These great dragons all rival the most ancient of dragons. In addition each has been given Divine precedence and are immortal.

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