The Glorious Revolution Of The People Reformed

Ten years ago, the great poet and champion of the people, Prince Kloszowski, led a revolution against the nobles of the Mark. But the revolution faltered, the people were slaughtered, and the Prince was forced to flee into exile in Freeport. Ten years later, the Prince has returned to the Mark, and he has learned much in his absence, and from his previous failures. The people will not be saved by one violent action, no more than a single stab of a sword, no matter how deep it cuts the flesh, can win a war.

Wars are won by attrition, by the slow, grinding establishment of an enemy presence, until the losers cant remember what they were fighting for anymore. Wars are won by controlling the hearts and minds of the whole nation, not just a small army. Wars are won by words, not steel.

Words are the stock and trade of the Glorious Revolution of the People. The revolutionaries have stopped trying to raise an army and instead have started recruiting a nation. At least, that's the goal. Until recently, not many people bought the Griffon's Tail, dismissing it as just another scandal-mongering broadsheet or fanciful tabloid. But the Tail is more than just that; it's satirical, it's clever, and it dares to mock the powers that be in a way that's never been done before. The Tail is so exciting its words are appearing on the stage and the street of every day, and are read aloud in half the pubs in the city every night. It's an underground journal that's just gone public, and the public are amused. Now, the Tail doesn't need readers, it needs writers-by the wagonload.

Mission of the GRP(P):

The mission of the GRP(P) is to subvert the hearts and minds of the people of Aranthar to their point of view. They want to teach the people that the concepts of monarchy and nobility are inherently flawed and evil, and lead only to oppression. They want to encourage people to see that the nobles are nothing but humans (and foolish and cruel humans to boot), and their position as rulers is an historical accident, not mandated by the Gods. That kings and princes only acquire power because the people let them have that power-and those same people can take that power away.

To the average Aranthar peasant, this is a very hard sell, but the Glorious Revolution is prepared to start small.

History of the GRP(P):

Prince Vladimir Mikael Kloszowski is a real prince. His mother is the Dowager Princess of Inkodeyna, a small stronghold buried along the cold Lain frontier. Fearing that her enemies would use her only male heir to oust her from her husband's throne, the Princess sent her son away to the Mark to be educated as soon as he could speak their guttural southern tongue. Kloszowski proved to be a good student, absorbing everything he saw around him. And what he saw made him angry.

The GRP(P) Today:

For the first eight months the Tail gradually gained an audience on the streets of Freeport, although not a very large or impressive one. Then something amazing happened. On a whim, Kloszowski penned a short play for an issue, in which Captain Marcus Roberts of the Freeport Captain's Council and several famed pirate captains agreed to a plan allowing the pirates to capture only ships operated by the smaller independent trading companies. A week later, the Goblin Theater Company performed the sketch on the stage in the run-down Broken Mug Inn. The next night, the Inn was packed, and a week later, the Angry Goblin Theater Company was performing it at the Old Stage in the Eastern District. A week after that, half the theaters in the city were running it between acts, and clamoring for the Tail to run new scripts. Older issues resurfaced, and Kloszowski's humorous poems and haranguing editorials were recited as well. In a month, Kloszowski - still writing under the pseudonym "The Tail Puller"-had become the toast of the town. He had always wanted to be a great dramatic poet, but had found fame as the satirist of his age.

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