The Four Horsemen

The tales of the four horsemen are heard in many stories among many words and realities. Nor also has it's stories of the four horsemen. Unlike other worlds these beings are not harbringers of the end of times, nor are they fiends spreading the work of the lower planes. They are men, who have been chosen by the God Diabolas to wreak havoc upon the world.
There are always four, and if one falls, somewhere in the world another is chosen to take his place. Many times the men (Or women) are those who have dedicated their life to the God. Other times the one chosen may have no idea at all, and would consider the mantle a curse. Though one thing is true of all, they leave a lasting impression on the world, in one way or another, and rarely for good.
Though they appear as regular men, then are granted great powers by the God. The powers vary with circumstance and need, but they always seem to have domain over their chosen mantle. The Horseman of death is always skilled at bringing death upon others, often by stealth or subterfuge. A true Assassin. The Horseman of War is always a great warrior, on and off the battlefield. The Horseman of pestilence can inflict other with sickness, and the horseman of famine can leave men weak and debilitated as well as destroys crops and livestock. In addition these avatars of Diabolas often have other powers that allow them to gather followers and obtains resources needed for their work.
Their purposed is simple, to cause havoc and chaos among the world. The reap destruction in what ever way they can. Because of this simple goal, even when they are stopped it is often after they have furthered their cause.

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