The Day Of Darkness Human Perspective

It was almost fifty years ago when the world faced a quite Sundering. All my fellows at the Academy felt it too. We lost part of ourselves that day. Magic was no longer coming to our call. Only the simplest of Invocations remained in our minds. And my fellow students were not the only ones. I was in the Master of Conjurations advanced studies class and his summoning had gone awry and started to destroy the class room and several students. If it wasn't for a second year student casting that singular magic missile spell then more lives were lost. Everyone from my year tried casting our most powerful spells to no avail, yet this second year was able to still use magic. Well we are smart were Mages so we all cast Magic Missile, it was as if we all realised at the same time we still had access to the lowest tiers of magic so Magic Missles and scorching rays came from everyone at the exact same time and the summoning was defeated. unfortunitly so also was the master of conjuration. We left the school that night. I haven't cast a spell since too many bad memmories.
~~Lancaste Silverwind~~

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