The Covenant Of The Namless

As the order of Kerbius acts as a clergy, so does the covenant of the Nameless but to The Nameless One. The other god of magic. As the sundering was a dark time for the order it was a golden age for the covenant. with magic runing wild many sized even greater power then they had ever imagened.but now as it has ended many work to keep the power they have gained. They also contain the knowlge of making conduits and thus are still happy with curent events being as most mages are resricted. the wizards of the covenant are masters of making poisons and potions and tend to make things that can weaken a targets will or effect parts of there memmories. like The Nameless One teaches they tend to act from the shadows and many of there victims never even know they are victims. They were green robes and the symbol of The Nameless One though it can only be seen by other worshipers of The Nameless One, they wear black velvet masks so no one can ever know there true idenities and cary no weapons other then there staves. they disdane melee fighting consdering it barberik and beneth them.

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