The Bottle

On thier way to Cor, our group had some interesting adventures. First after almost being run off the road by a carraige and some horsemen, luck paid the speeding stranger back in kind, by causing something precsious to be dropped on the road as they passed. A green bottle, wich no one could open.

The first night with this strange bottle brought trouble as a goblin tried to pilfer it while they were sleeping. The ever vigilant Robert saw and scared the creature away, and the group was more wathcful after that. Thier second day out they came across a campsite. It was an awful mess and our kind-hearted adventurures stopped to clean it up. Soon the environment loving group found a map in the dirt showing dastardly plan for a sneak attack. With this new knowledge they boldy truged ahead to face whatever come.

The sneak attack was thier waiting for them just down the road in the form of an old ruined guard tower. After a valient fight, six goblins lay dead and one beefier goblin was captured. After being questioned the goblin promised to reform hios way. Our heroes did not get the chance to find out if it was true however, as the goblin's brother, named conviently, "Trik" attempted a rescue in the night. He led a large boar to the campsite and let it go wild on our villian reforming group. While they were occupied the large goblin, newly healed thanks to our luck worshipping cleric managed to get away. A search in the high grass revealed no sign of these tiny advasaries. our adventurures left with the bottle but a feeling of aprehension knowing the two are still out there.

Cor, a nice town to stay, but to boring to live there was a good stop for the group. After some food buying, dress ordrering and song singing they found that the bottle bore the mark of a shoemaker not a day away from the town. A quick trip to there and the bottle was opened. Seems it was nothing more then a message from another adventurer to his family, wishing them well, for it was his unlucky time to leave the world. Much crying and condolenses and a reward of some magic boot, and a promis to head to seaport ended the night.

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