The Bone Walk

The priests of Grazon in the Sect of the Soulcallers, don their black robes, and walk through the streets of the city at Dusk. The walk is to commemorate "the last walk". It is said that all mortals die alone, and indeed, even those that have fallen with friends, must make the journey through the Gray Waste to Grazon's realm alone. This is a time for the soul to mourn its own passing and come to terms with its death. Those that make it past this phase will receive some type of calling from the deity that they worshiped. They follow that call and continue their journey to Grazon's hall to be sorted and sent on to their afterlife. For those who cannot reconcile that they are dead, or have no God to call to them, they wander the grey wastes until they are taken, or slowly bleed to the negative plan, becoming the energy that inhabits undead. The Bone Walk represents that journey. Its participants are not allowed to speak or to look at each other in order to simulate that silent lonely walk, however it is done in a group to show that even on the Last Walk, there are those that will guide you. Worshipers of Grazon will take this journey to commemorate the last walk of their loved ones who have passed. There is a second reason to walk the Bone Walk. Those who have lost someone who did not believe in the gods will walk the path. At the end, before the local graveyard, the highest priest of the faith will summon a Psychopomp. There worshipers may ask the servant of Grazon to search the Waste for their loved ones and to guide them to Grazon's hall to serve the God of death, and spare them an eternity of solitude in the waste. It is not uncommon for a pious mother to say to her child who won’t attend services, "I hope your children will walk the Bone Walk for your soul, lest you wander the Wastes forever"

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